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I was a BK patron for a very long time. Now , I will NEVER give bk another dime. Like most people , I work Hard for my money. With the way the economy is these days I have to watch how and where I spend my money. In my case I pulled a double shift , for my third day. Tired exhausted and Hungry , I go thru the drive thru in Brentwood, pgh. Place my order and get it after Waiting 12 minutes , head home. Take my boots off of my Sore dogs , wash my hands , sit down , open my bag ready to Woof down my food,,,, and .... Wallah, WRONG ORDER !!!!

Pissed , Real PISSED , I ,threw it out my back door!!! I mean PISSED OFF !! So I get the fone number , ask for a Manager , get her, and she's a Real *** !! Now I'm Ready to grab her thru the fone and.... Well you get the picture. I was calm, then after her Attitude and a non helpful response, Hung up. Now this being the third time in three weeks of getting the WRONG ORDER, you would think why the *** would I go back after two strikes. Well , call me a glutton for punishment ,ignorance and Stupidity, I mean you all know how Hard it is to TAKE A FRIGGIN BURGER ORDER, AND GET IT RIGHT !!! So , I send an email to the bk complaint center. My Average order cost me about seventeen bucks. I get a response from the email , with an apology. Oh and a coupon for a *** Whopper.

A WHOPPER??? Are you Serious ??

I work too hard to be Ripped off , Disrespected , and then pushed aside. I can get that from just making a call to my ex. Have it your way BK , which is , CONTINUOUSLY LOOSING VALUED CUSTOMERS.. Like ME !!! I run a business , and learned very quickly , that ,

If I do NOT Take Care of My Customers.......

Someone else Will.

So take you coupon and....

Product or Service Mentioned: Burger King Burger.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $130.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Burger King Pros: Range of food, Location, Usual speed of services.

Burger King Cons: Wrong orders continuously.

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How in heaven's name can one person eat $17.00 worth of food at one sitting, especially fast food. Furthermore, I'm sure the food you got wasn't unedible.

Just because it wasn't what you ordered doesn't mean you could have eaten it. I highly doubt that you run a business, just going by your spelling. You don't even know that abbreviations are supposed to be capitalized, and you have poor punctuation skills. You complained about having to wait for 12 minutes for your order.

How long do you think it takes to cook food. From what I understand the fast food places are getting away from having their food pre-cooked. Just because Burger King is loosing you doesn't mean they are loosing a lot of customers. They most likely will be glad to lose you.

From as rude as you sound, I can understand why your wife is your "ex." You sound an awful lot like mine.

Incidentally you shouldn't use words in your writing that you don't know how to spell. Example: "walla" is actually spelled "voila."

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