These people at the Burger King on 28th st. between (Maddison and Eastern) next to Taco *** are the slowest Rudest Burger King I have ever had the displeasure of going through the drive through at.

today I went there against better judgment again, took forever then I got two chicken sandwiches instead of two whoppers.

That’s the kind of things that happen every time I go there.

Then when you say something they just act like you are giving them a hard time. what gets me mad is I call and they don't answer the phone.

“Thanks for nothing, come again or don’t we don’t care”.

Review about: Burger King Sandwich.

Monetary Loss: $5.

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If you are so dumb you don't know enough to check your take out order at the site, instead of waiting until you get home, you deserve to get the wrong order. As far as wait time goes, the drive through isn't the only part of the store that gets business.

There are customers inside that have to be served too. Just because you are in the drive through lane, doesn't mean you are more important than the other customers.

Bemidji, Minnesota, United States #801077

Everyone makes mistakes, even you. Just look at your review. You did not always start a sentence with a capital letter.

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