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My diabetic/stroke victim wife went with me, still in her pajamas, to deliver our daughter somewhere. Returning home she wanted Burger King.

I asked for two large diet cokes with vanilla (she said we don't have them but I guess we can make them). At the window she gives me three large ice cream floats. I tried to give them back but she couldn't take them - policy. They replaced my wife's drink and offered to replace mine.

We backed up to the curb to eat in the car. A car pulls up facing my left side with her headlights shining in our car for about five minutes and then she moves closer. I can see the silohuet of her phone in front of her face.

As she passed in front of my headlights she appeared to be the lady that gave us the wrong order. I'M CHAPPED

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Burger King Pros: Burgers.

Location: 1623 West Loop 281, Longview, TX 75604

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You asked for diet coke with vanilla. Not vanilla diet coke.

Anyone would think that you wanted a diet coke float with vanilla, aka a diet coke float. You communicate poorly, they give poor results. This is why you were given the incorrect order.

Next time ask for Vanilla diet coke, not diet coke with vanilla. This will change everything.

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