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My grown son and I went to Burger King on I-35 and SE 66th in Oklahoma City. We noticed a sign that said the Chicken Sandwiches were on sale: Buy One, Get One Free.

The car in front of us totally defeated the purpose of the drive through and had a HUGE order, so we pulled out and went inside. The employee that waited on us was super slow nor did he know the store promotions. When he gave us our total, it did not reflect the buy one, get one price. When I questioned the total and reminded him of the "offer", of course, he had to go get a manager to correct the error.

Much to my surprise, the manager came and said the chicken sandwiches were not on sale! I said they were and that the sign outside reflected such. The manager then wanted to argue with me and said the sandwiches were not on sale. Meanwhile, the young man that originally helped us was standing there with a surprised look on his face because his boss was arguing with me.

I then said, it was unacceptable that the employees did not know the current promotions of their own store and suggested she take a trip outside and look at the signs! Unbeknownst to us, there was another employee in the dining room that wanted to stick his nose where it didn't belong. My son and I turned to leave. As I walked to our car, I noticed the sign and it did say, "Buy one, get one"!

I pulled the sign out of the ground and marched back in the store. I told the original employee to get the same manager for me; I had something to show her. She came to the counter and I flung the sign on the counter and suggested she learn her stores promotions and as I turned to leave, I overheard her say, "She better watch that attitude, all the while the nosey employee with the "White Knight Syndrome", was supposedly taking this all in. As I turned to leave he said, "That's real nice, the way you're talking to her." I turned and asked if he were talking to me and he said that I was rude to his boss.

(!!!!!) I said, "Me! Rude?" He then told me, he had heard the whole conversation and that I was wrong! WTF? I informed him, there was NO WAY he heard the whole encounter because if he had, he would know that I was right!" My son and I turned to leave the store and he followed us out, in a defensive manner.

He looked at my son and called him on, TO FIGHT!!!! He said, "Come on, big boy!" My son said that the employee was not his type; that he liked girls and got in my car to leave. INCREDIBLE! My son and I went to another Burger King at SW 74 and Western, that same night and their employees had no trouble charging us correctly!

I got the phone number to call corporate. I made a report of the incident and I also sent them a very detailed letter (imagine that!). It took them several months to get in contact with me, but someone finally did. They told me they were not surprised that happened and that the incident involved those particular 2 employees.

They informed me that neither were still employed there. They asked ME what I thought they should do? I suggested better trained management, not hire employees that would rather be cage fighting, and for upper management to solve their own problems, that I was not impressed with their handling of the situation. I got the impression they could've cared less.

They sent me 2 of their BK cards that we never did use and eventually, misplaced. This incident took place about 1 1/2 years ago and we only recently went back to BK...and it was for the Buy One, Get One promotion, at a different BK, in a different town!

Product or Service Mentioned: Burger King Burger.

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If a promotion ends, even if the porter hasnt removed the promotion POP the cashiers CANNOT ring it up that way. The systems are tied to corporate intranet and they control the items available to press on the registers.

If they cant press the button to ring it up as such, do you expect them to pay for the difference of the sandwich just cause you are demanding something they cant do?

Would you pay the difference? No, so shut your *** *** face and eat a bag of d!cks ***!


So your seven year old son as well as the others lied about this. I seriously doubt that you were innocent and they just threatened to punch you in the face.


well I'm just saying that this story sounds beyond ridiculous. how would that Burger King even stay in business if their employees acted like that to everyone?


To: IHateStupidCustomers: Nope. This was not a dream, I do not drink, and quite frankly, I only buy fast food once in awhile; I just get BAD SERVICE alot because today's workforce doesn't care about giving good CUSTOMER SERVICE! I hate *** EMPLOYEES!


To: jedi knight ethan: What are you talking about????? I have never been on any other website.

If you had comprehended my review, it was not about the employee's slowness, it was about a sandwich that was on sale in the first place!

I was CORRECT! Go back to polishing your light saber.


it sounds like you only buy fast food when it's on sale, cheap woman. I think this story was a dream you had after getting drunk one night.


Also did you not in your review on another site admit that they only threatened to make it physical because you took your anger out on your son and threatened to hit punch him? Your defenseless seven year old son.


You are a poor excuse of a mother. Perhaps there were reasons that the person were super slow.

They could have a disability, they could have just came back after sick leave. What an example to set for your son to bash someone based on their speed. Yeah you were rude. They have different types of sandwiches and it did not apply to the kind you wanted.

What an example you are for your son. Throw a temper tantrum when you are wrong.

Also it took them a while to get back at you because they have other customers to deal with. The world does not revolve around you.

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