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The Burger King in Kingsland Ga is one of the worst places I've ever been in to order food. There is no sense of professionalism (people roll their eyes when you walk in...suck teeth if you ask for correction), first impressions (store and employees look sloppy and dirty), or how food should be served. I only go every couple of months, hoping that maybe they've rotated people by then....but last weekend...that was it for me.

I went to the drive thru to order a whopper jr with bacon....simple right?? No other additions or omissions....just a plain old whopper jr with bacon. "Do you want cheese?" "No no cheese" Should be easy since it doesn't even come with cheese automatically right? Nope.

Despite being at the head of the line...and them having 0 (zeroooo) customers inside....I spent 13 mins in drive thru. Only to end up with my whopper jr wrong (had cheese no bacon) and lukewarm fries!! I asked for them to correct the sandwich, and I get a whopper jr with no cheese, but no bacon either. We're at 16 mins at this point (only reason I know is I was rushing home to see Floyd Mayweather fight). So I decide to go in....

I tell the woman at the register my issue (I'm sorry but I spent 15 mins in drive thru and my order has been wrong twice. Can I please have a....) to which I hear from a young man in the back "Do you have to be rude about it?" "Excuse me???" and he repeated it!! To which another woman in the back tells me "Dont pay him no mind...he is always like this" and I asked "and he still has a job here?" and that same woman tells me "I aint even sposed to be in the kitchen." At this point another male employee who was just sitting in a booth starts "pssst" at me, asking "Yo come here...I wanna holla at u"...

Of course I told the manager....but he comes out looking just as sloppy and unprofessional as everyone there...and has been the manager there for a while if I remember him correctly.

There is no supervision, no discipline, no structure, no customer service....I can definitely spend my money elsewhere. I don't like the idea of being considered rude because I expect an employee to be able to read and comprehend "whopper jr add bacon" or because i expect to get what I paid for in a timely fashion....or because I like to correct my order without some 17 yr old punk trying to flirt.

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