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My boyfriend and I always get McDonald smoothies late at night, so we decided to try Burger Kings. We got in the drive thru line, and there was a truck ahead of us.

We waited for approximately 30 minutes for the worker and the *** infront of us to stop speaking spanish and giggling, The line grew behind us and there was a car behind us that stormed off honking and cursing at the person holding up the line. Finally when they decided to stop flirting, I got to the menu and she says in a giggling voice, Sorry bout that. So i ordered my smoothie and she comes back saying (which I could barely understand her, he accent was WAY to strong to be doing drive thru) "i cant make your smoothie i need to clean" WHAT IS THAT? If you are OPEN, you do your closing duties AFTER you close, not while there is a ling of people waiting for your services.

Then I had to waste even more gas because I couldn't just back up in the middle of 10 cars. And, the cars behind us actually got told that there closed, after waiting minutes.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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