Markham, Illinois
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I went to Burger King for my office, I walked in and told the lady I had some separate orders. She sighed like it was an inconvenience to her.

I place 5 separate orders and I ask the manager for 2 plastic bags with the handles for the food because I also had 3 drinks. The manager sighed when I asked for that.

Brought the food back to work and there was a hair in the whopper jr. she ordered.

Product or Service Mentioned: Burger King Burger.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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5 seperate orders is ok why worry if they need 5 bags not ur money or ur rules put a smile on some faces then works better for both sides of the counter good service starts with happy staff


First off all YOU have some nerve! I would be rude to you as,well.

And i would give you a lil something extra on your burger if you know what i mean. What nerve!! Are you that pathetic and lazy that you cant get one reciept and one bag!!?? You cant count and collect from 5 people?

Really? They are not paid,well and its not a 5 star restaurant . And customers like you make it hard,for customerswho are legit. Im sorry but its ***,and lazy of you to need seperate orders!!

Oh my God. Utter laziness! I cant believe you have no more self respect than to ask for 5 different orders and 5 bags! Thats pathetic for real.

As if you are the only customer! Others,are supposed to what for FAST FOOD while a lazy person holds up the line!?

Think again. Thats rude ignorant and downright absurd!


You have to be joking! Why would you speak to someone this way?

I assume you don't plan to ever own or manage your own business simply based on the fact that if a customer comes in with 5 separate to go orders this is more money in your pocket. I would take any money I could get, and get rid of people like you who would really want to tell a customer that they had to change the way they order because I don't like it. You think you actually have the right to be rude to someone because you don't like the way they want to place their order?

If that is truly what you think you will do well to find a position that has nothing to do with customer service.

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