Rockledge, Florida
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Worst Burger King I've ever seen in my life they took a million-dollar building turned it into a trash can the help is absolutely rude and useless the food was cold the fries look like they were a month old the condition of the inside look like it had been there for a hundred years not a year will never ever go to a Burger King again cold food bad fries no cups napkins or straws ask for anything you get ignored ask for the manager he's busy on the phone talking to his girlfriend I have never seen a more disgusting place in my life Barton boulevard Rockledge Florida avoid at all cost absolutely the worst fast-food restaurant I have ever entered in my life I was going to give the Burger to my dog but I did not want him to get sick the food was that disgusting and the people were just as bad not one person in that restaurant was not complaining and obviously they did not care why you waste money building a building like that and filling it with a bunch of people that could care less about their job or the people that helping is beyond me is one way to fix that place fire everybody in the place and start over because nobody in that place gives a *** whether your food is any good or not or your service if a -5 was possible they would have pages filled with minus fives and they deserve every one of them a dump

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