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I had not had a Whopper in a long time and was looking forward to one. The sandwich was sloppily assembled and the meat was absolutely terrible!

It tasted like old meat. It was dry and did not have the juiciness that I remember a Whopper having.

It was inedible. I was so disappointed and have lost any desire to have another ever.

User's recommendation: Try something besides a Whopper!

Product or Service Mentioned: Burger King Whopper Sandwich.

Preferred solution: Find a new meat supplier. Don't precook and then reheat meat..

Burger King Pros: No pros.

Burger King Cons: Meat tasted old with no flavor or juiciness and was semi cold.

Location: 21 Humboldt Street, Rochester, NY 14609

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Look you're a scam looking for free food


You are being stupid. Did you see anywhere that I asked for "free food"? I have no plans of eating at BK again, so you can just shut your snarky mouth.


Did you return it? No you ate it. Refund =0


No, Don't be stupid. It was inedible.

If you had read my comments, you would have noticed that I said it was inedible. Yet you say "you ate it." Before you're snarky, read the review.


Well in their defense you never stated you did not eat it. A lot of people on this site come and lie.

They claim the food was inedible, and they "threw it in the trash" when they really ate it.

Then they want a refund. But they cannot return the food because they lied about it being inedible in the first place.


I appreciate your comments. However, I would not bother to post a review for the sake of getting a free Whopper.

I assumed that when I said it was inedible, people would know that I could not have eaten it when it was inedible. One bite hardly counts as "eating it". Since I have no desire to eat at BK again, I don't want "free food". I really can't be bothered to ask for money back.

I am really sorry that I ever posted how disappointed I was with the Whopper. People are nasty for the sake of being nasty.


You seem like a very unstable person. Probably best if you eat at home more.


I am not unstable. I resent stupid comments that show the people writing them didn't even read my post correctly.

I was accused of being a liar or shady or a scam. I am none of these. I will defend myself against stupidity.

You have the audacity to suggest there is an issue with my stability. Who are you but just another hater that has to say something nasty just for the sake of it.


First of all if you are going to call someone stupid, you have no right to call other people nasty. Second of all a lot of people come on this site to lie to get their meals for free.

Not saying you are one of them. But a lot of people who cannot afford to eat out try to get a free meal. Sometimes they claim they did not eat the meal. They claim it was inedible.

Ect they make all sorts of lies. Sometimes they ask both for their money back and a gift card. I would say that 98 percent of the people who use this website are scammers and liars. They cannot afford to eat so they order food, sometime over $100 then they try to get a free meal.

Sometimes they have children whom they cannot afford to feed. My theory is if you cannot afford to feed yourself you do not have children. While you may not be trying to get a free meal a lot of people on this site are pathetic in that way. That user is not being stupid.

Just honest. Also you have no right calling other people nasty when you call someone stupid. Just because someone states something is inedible does not mean they did not eat it. 98 percent of the time on this site it is a lie to get a free meal for those who cannot afford to eat out.

Maybe 99 percent of the time.

Also most people on this site(those who ask for a full refund) lie and say they did not eat the food. They refuse to return it because they ate it and when they are told no refund they mistake that as rude.

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