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When Is Burger King going to "Get Their Act Together" I remember for years lots of people I knew would say that Burger King was so much better than McDonalds was. They would say how they would Flame Broil their Burgers instead of frying them, How they had Delicious Onion Rings, how you could "Have It Your Way" by ordering however you wanted it.

I used to love going to Burger King all the time, the food was great and the atmosphere was much more pleasant than it was at McDonalds. But over time, as a regular patron of Burger King, I began to notice a gradual decrease in the quality of the food, the cleanliness of the restaurants, and the behavior of the employees. Gradually, i began eating there less and less as the food kept getting worse, until now I never go there anymore.

I had been taking all of the coupons that Burger King had been sending me and going to McDonalds for a quite some time, but now I am no longer going to either one of them Absolutely Disgusted and Sick and Tired of being served Gross Food. If they ever get their act together, and start serving good food like they used to do, i may consider going back one day.

Reason of review: i have pissed away thousands of dollars of the years at burger king.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Burger King Pros: Whoppers before they started getting gross, Onion rings too.

Burger King Cons: Way everything is gross at burger king these days, Spending good money on bad quality food.

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The clientele has changed gradually over the years for not only Burger King and McDonalds but most other fast food places---with the exception of Culvers, which I don't consider a real fast food restaurant but a nice, quiet place to sit down and enjoy a burger, chicken, etc. All you have to do is look at the difference in the people patronizing the fast food joints---unkempt, rude, intellectually compromised and usually out of shape. Why would anyone wish to associate with this type of clientele?


Maybe they are rude because they are treated that why. 90 percent of the world is out of shape and could be that that is all the can afford to eat have you tried to eat at a regular restautant having to pay 10.00 - 12.00 dollars per meal you can't even get a bowl of lettuce called a salad for less than 9.00 dollars and if you have a family you can't begin to afford to eat out.

The fast food places are still cheaper than buying groceries. Some people are hard working people and eat at fast food because they are working and can't get dressed up to eat lunch and how do you know if the are intellectually compromised unless you sat down to talk to them.

I am sure you haven't done that. Everyone has a chance not to be judged until you have met them and to be treated kindly the help has no right toe be rude everyone had a bad sometimes.

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