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Maybe that is not your motto now but it used to be. It was a good one.

I have been to the B/K at 2961 S McCall Rd in Englewood FL. three times. Each time I did not get burger they way it was requested! I always as for "extra heavy all and no ketchup".

Well you get it home and open it very, very, very small pc of tomato, two single rings of onion and a few pcs of lettuce but a *** of a lot of pickles and no mayo!!! The first time it was new so I figured I'd let it go. The second time the same but this last time I called and spoke with some women who said she was the asst. mgr..

I was told by her that when it came to onions heavy was 3 rings of many RINGS on reg. I would like to know!!?? Tomatoes was to only be one! Forget the lack of lettuce and no mayo!!

I was told by her she can't watch how they make the Whoppers because she has to cover the front & back and does not have time for that!!!! Then she told me "we can't open & check every burger before it goes out of here" I told her that was NOTHING for management to say to a customer. Someone needs to go down one Rt. 776 to the other B/K here in Englewood if they want a good B/K Whopper.

I guess they are private owners and don't care how they treat a customer because they must not have to answer to B/K corp. about stuff like this. I could not remember this woman's name and when you call there you can't get an answer (out of 9 calls I got 1 answer) I guess #24513 don't give a damn about customers. Well what about this?

Please e-mail an explanation about this to me. I have been going to B/K as long as they have been opened.

What's with this one??? Thanks

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It has gone the way of the pay-phone.

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