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went to the Burger King at 1122 Ironsprings Road, Prescott AZ. I was on my lunch hour from work placed my order at the front counter.

I ordered the chef's choice burger I waited over ten minutes to get my food. they only had two employees in the kitchen (at lunch time??) and they were more interested in laughing and acting silly then getting my order made. I asked the man at the counter (he said he was the General Manger) why it was taking so long, he was rude and said it takes 10 minutes to make the order and that if I was in such a rush why did I order what I did. I was LIVID!

This is the last time I will take my hard earned money in this place.

This restaurant use to be a good place to eat but since they have changed management it is awful. DON'T EAT THERE.

Review about: Burger King Manager.

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Absolutely, they don't care anymore I'm well known in valley and going to tell people to stay away from burger King I'm sure they don't give a *** anyway well neither do I guys you ain't that big


I'd rather eat @ Food Alley in Target than BK.


There is a reason Wendy's overtook BK as the #2 burger joint in the US...................BK is utter ***. Their food is nasty & greasy, their stores are outdated and usually dirty and don't get me started on that creepy *** king mascot they used to have.

I read an article not long ago talking about how BK switched ad agencies to try to improve their image and be taken 'more seriously'. Come on guys, it'll take a lot more than a few 'serious' commercials to combat years of sucking.

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