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Eating food from Burger King is as unhealthy and Stupid as Sucking on Cigarettes. I used to be a chain smoker myself, going through two cartons a week.

I had to quit because I couldn't afford to keep handing them out to everyone. After I quit, I realized how horrible they had been making me feel. Just like how after I quit eating at Burger king I realized how horrible their food had been making me feel.

Once, during a 45 minute McDonalds meal stop in near Las Cruces, New Mexico I went into the restroom and saw where someone had written 'Cigarette Sucking Is Stupid" and the same thing applies to Burger King. Eating at Burger king is stupid.

Reason of review: hate smell of secondhand burger king food.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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I'm sure that all of the smokers on here would strongly disagree with you. i would add that the smell of burger king food wafting towards you is as offensive as having to smell one of the typical unwashed Burger King Clientele sitting next to you. Didn't their mama ever teach them about personal hygiene, or do they just not give a flying you no what.

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