Went to the Burger King at 319 Beacon St.in Laurel,MS.I ordered a #2 with cheese,large,with a coke.After waiting for over 15 mins.I finally got my order.Not only was the order wrong but the food was cold,and I mean cold.I took it back to the counter and told the girl what was wrong.She took the sandwich and told another girl to put cheese on it.That girl opened the sandwich,slapped a piece of cheese on it,and threw it back in the bag.Same cold sandwich.The fries was supposed to be a large.It was a small.The girl actually tried to tell me it was a large.When I told her it wasn't,she looked at the other containers,grabbed a MEDIUM container,dumped the cold fries from the small into it,and added more.The fries she added were also cold.I don't think I'll be eating at that Burger King again any time soon.

Product or Service Mentioned: Burger King Cheeseburger.

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This seems to be the norm for this company! Twice last month at the drive-thru in Ebensburg, Pa.

not only did I get the wrong order, I got the wrong change!! No wonder a smaller chain like Wendy's beat them out for the #2 spot.


Wow! That's horrible.

I work at burger king and NEVER treat my customers like that. I would complain to the corp if I were you.

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