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I went to purchase some breakfast the young lady messed up my order I asked her could she fix the order at that time she pursued to keep arguing about this customer order this and this customer ordered that it clearly says on the receipt what I order she messed up after that I told her to give me back my money her friend came over by the window started to argue with me I said give me your name so I can report you to corporate I'm not giving you no name I was called a fat black b**** and the n-word the manager was standing there at the time and a manager was standing there at the time all I wanted was the young lady's name so I can forward it to the corporate office and make sure that they do something about her mouth she said she's going to have to call the police the police came I said to the cops I said all I need is her name I don't need nothing else and the number to the corporate office the police which let me know he's not allowed to give me her name which that is surprising to me because we're in a public setting and last time I checked everyone is supposed to wear a name badge that works for any franchise I spoke to the manager the manager let me know that I was arrested and I was kicked out of the Burger King I said sir did you watch the cameras yes and we don't get paid enough to deal with this I said okay no problem I'll speak to your corporate oh there's no need for you to speak to the corporate office because they're going to just send you right back to me and I'm just going to tell you the same *** again

Location: 10 North Plank Road, Newburgh, NY 12550

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