Okay, so today I went to Burger King for lunch. I sat down after getting my foo and began to enjoy, when suddenly this woman in scrubs started to get into a argument with the manager.

Something about her kid taking pickles off a burger, and she was entitled to a 7 cent refund. Well, the argument escalated from simple shouting to a full blown yelling match. Well, as this nurse lady rages on, the manager is sturn, proud and true of holding his post. Suddenly this woman starts bellowing out shrieks like a rabid banshee!

it was ear piercing! Then, her whole head started to spin around the base of her neck like a meunstral carnival ride from ***. As if it can't get worse, Large black wings emerged from behind her tattered scrubs. She went on in her shrieking bout making 90 grand a year and what not.

Needless to say, I was pretty concerned for the safety of everyone in the resturaunt.

I reached for my cell to call the police but it was too late. The tampon she was wearing combusted and the whole resturuant shook asit exploded between her legs.

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how do you even know it's a nurse, everyone wears scrubs these days, did you see a name tag, was it a nurse or nurses aide, about a 50,000 buck and four year education difference, probably same ratio as you to 80 percent of the world, dumb ***!!

Grover Beach, California, United States #74890

It seems you have issues with females, my friend. Your comments are rude, crude, and disgusting......probably a lot like you!

Shower much?


WTF was the point of that? Why did StumbleUpon bring me here?

Why is this site even around?


Why is it 3 out of 4 stories on this website involve a "nurse" or somebody making "90k a year" and writing it in their stories?!?!?!? Is this coincidence....I think not!

These stories are bunk....don't fall for them and for gods sake don't add comments cause the stories aren't real. Either that or the only people that recieve crappy service in the world are nurses or people making "90k a year"......give me a break!

Boycott this crappy website!!!!!

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