All the Burger Kings I have gone to, have given me the satisfaction of having a Jr. Whopper with a crossant bread except the one on 2902 E Fletcher ave in Tampa, Fl.

I spoke to the manager and he said I could not have it my way even though that is what the slogan says. What a shame for such a big company that cannot stay true to its words. I was there on May 30, 2008 and I told the cashier to tell the manager that I will never be back to 2902 E Fletcher ave in Tampa, Fl.

They have lost a good customer.

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Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #145446

You are not a good customer, you are a child who wants things her way. One who takes advantages of people. Probably the kid that beat up others for their lunch money.


I'm all about customer service, but there comes a time when customers go too far. I think sometimes people neglect to acknowledge fact that employees in restaurants are PEOPLE, not your personal servants.

There are times when they can be jerks, but a lot of the time they are following instructions from their management. And dude, why are you getting pissed off when you are clearly asking for something that is not on the menu??

You obviously have never worked in the service industry, and I get the feeling BK isn't the only restaurant, or business for that matter, that ticks you off. YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY PERSON ON EARTH.

Deal with it.

Absecon, New Jersey, United States #17650

I am a Burger King manager on the East coast. Aside from the possibility that this location does not sell croissants, which is very very unlikely, it is possible they didnt have any ready.

The croissants come frozen and have to be thawed the day before use. Maybe this location had only frozen ones untill the next day. Or maybe they did have some ready but the manager still said no. Why would he or she do that?

Two reasons. First- the cost of every single ingredient we buy has gone through the roof and yet our prices to the customer has increased little or none at all. This is true for most restaurants. Whopper Jr\'s are only 99 cents which is ridiculous.

They should be like $1.50. Anyway, a croissant cost 4 times as much as a bun, and perhaps that manager is tired of his store becoming more and more un profitable, thus cutting into his profit or bonus. The second reason is maybe they were busy and had so many customers that it would have been unwise to have an employee leave thier station to go all the way back there to look for a croissant when they have a ton of other customers to get through.

Incidentally, I would have honored the request, albeit reluctantly, just so as not to start an argument with a customer. And finally, as to the \"have it your way\" malarkey, that means we will make your sandwich with the condiments you want on it, and even though that slogan has not been used in years, when it was, the commercial always implied that it was in regards to toppings, not bread choices or how we cook the meat or things we do not sell etc...

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #14782

Do they carry it at all? Perhaps that is why they did not give it your way.

If they do carry the crossant bread than why is it different than the other Burger Kings? I would surely speak with the manager and ask why the other Burger Kings meet provide it and they don't. Also I would call the head office of Burger King and see as to why this place is different than other's. If it is a simple case as they don't carry that bread then there is nothing you can do.

If you were being unrealistic about the have it your way then I can see why the manager would not go by the slogan, but your demands were not unrealistic.

Good luck! I

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