Stuarts Draft, Virginia

19055 Silver Parkway Fenton MI, 48430! Sucks!

! I went through the drive through ordered a whopper meal for my friend I was bringing lunch too one order simple right? Yeah right she takes my prepaid debt card "I'm a stay at home mom on a limited income" a proceeds to charge me 47.00 for my meal and I can see somethings going on through the window? She voids it and says well it's ok I voided it then tried to swipe it again for the correct amour of 7.17 then like a real sweet heart says oh it's declined well no *** maybe because as luck would have it I only have 47.00 left on my card all of which you just tied up in limbo for God knows how many days!

Now I have no money for gas or anything else for that matter for days? That's bull! I call the store to tell hervillains and she's too busy to talk to me on the phone and sends some other poor guy to front the complaint! Who villains about having to get back to the register oh in so sorry I inconvenienced you!

! ! Are you kidding me! !

I can't beli!

v! e what incompetence is running a business growa pair lady and take care of your mistake

Product or Service Mentioned: Burger King Burger.

Monetary Loss: $47.

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Your complaint is so full of mistakes, I don't know how you can possibly have the nerve to criticize other people. Your first mistake is "too," it should be "to." It might have been a simple order, but sometimes those scanning machines do mess up, and it isn't always the cashier's fault.

Your second mistake was that IF you are a single Mom on a limited income, why were you bringing lunch to a friend? I have been in those shoes, and never bought a meal for anybody buy my own family. If you only have $47.00 until your next source of income, arrives, you should be saving it for anything unexpected that might come up. Exactly what is hervillains?

You have no way of knowing that she wasn't too busy to talk to you at the time you called. She could have had a vendor there, discussing prices, new menu items, etc. What does it mean when you say "who villains about having to get?" Why did you put exclamation points before !!Are you kidding me!! Which by the way there should be a question mark after a question.

Then why did you say I can't beli! then start a new paragraph with "v!e" You have a lot of nerve talking about somebody else's incompetence, when all thee errors in your complaint indicate that you have a fair amount of incompetence yourself.

Then you slip into using vulgarity. Some example you are setting for your kids.


Before you start criticizing other people about their grammar mistakes, maybe you should proof read your reply.

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