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This is ridiculous the Gold standard in quick service food preparation and configuration management has failed, BIG TIME. Below is my scathing remark about the visit that I submitted via the online guest relations survey and the manager is still making things worse:

This was on 2014-10-11 at 19:50 PDT (GMT -08:00)

[Begin Review]

I was excited that i won a $5 BK card at one of my company's training events and wanted to use it. When I walked into the store it was pretty quiet and I hear the manager, Melissa say to one employee, Betty "i don't have time to deal with him either". The guy behind the counter in an unenthusiastic tone says "you wanna order something?" Once we determined my order of chicken nuggets, value fries and a drink and I paid for it; it took about 10 minutes to get my food. The guy who was so unenthusiastic about taking my order asked if I wanted any sauce or ketchup. I ask him what kind of sauces they have and he reads off the list including barbecue sauce. When I get the barbecue sauce it is in a little round transparent sauce thing (maybe 1-2 minimalist efforts at a squirt) instead of the usual white rectangular sauce containers. I make a comment about this saying "oh wow, you've changed this..." to which no feedback or other information was given. the barbecue sauce barely managed to get me through 2/10 of my nuggets. So I go to ask about this it took about 5 minutes to be acknowledged by a manager and I asked what's with this?" The manager gave a cop out response "our supplier doesn't give us barbecue sauce anymore". There was no effort to offer me alternatives or something for my inconvenience. It was almost is she was saying "oh well... Deal with it". This meal left me something to be desired that was not delivered.

[end review]

I tell them that I had submitted the above review via the survey and the manager goes off on me telling me that she did nothing wrong and is not going to get in trouble for something she did not do. I cited that i was not greeted with a friendly greeting, that I was not satisfied with her cop out response, that her comment about not having time to deal with me was unprofessional and rude. She cites the fact that she has bee having troubles with her manager access card for the point of sale system, that a couple of months ago she had to beg her district manager for her job back because she blew up and was having personal problems, and so much more that really is none of my business. the other gal Betty cites the reason she took out her sour attitude on me is because her kids are getting bullied. I have one thing to say to them "Ladies, your personal problems are not my problems and i should NOT have to have your *** poor attitude taken out on me. Yes, you're human and have personal problems and i understandthis, just don't take them out of me. I can listen if you want to talk, but don't blow up i my face for just being a customer "

I come in here expecting high levels of customer service that I know so well and with a very high degradation in service standards and that I cannot remote login to that managers head because I just cannot know she's under so much stress over stuff in her life. Had I been given appropriate informations about the state of things such as that there were not getting barbecue sauce before offering it, that there was technical difficulties and other problems that would have stopped the metrics from counting up the way they did.

To make matters worse she called the district manager to delete the report and so because I am me and for no other reason they will not count this report against this team that is plagued with technical, vendor relations, and other problems. It's as if my perception of excellence taking a fall is not valued by them and that I can just be erased and not counted. Yet I have done countless positive customer reviews for them on multiple shifts with different combinations of people. Then she manages to start slamming doors and the like it's as if my honest opinion on the chaotic situation is being just swept under the rug.

If the district manager did delete the report out of the system on no other reason that I am the person who submitted the report, let him delete all the good reports i have in past given the burger king that this incident happened at. and to make matters worse, I am not a man i am a woman i feel highly disrespected by this. It's not my fault I have a birth defect that renders me stereotypically male in appearance!

I have called their guest relations team and asked to speak to someone higher than the manager or district manger, and have not received a call back. I call today and say i did not get a call back and they say they will have the district manager call me back (the same guy who deleted the report). If the guy is going to delete the report, then what makes you think he's going to call me the pissed off customer back? He won't do anything!

Product or Service Mentioned: Burger King Chicken Nuggets.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $5.

Preferred solution: at this point a lifetime supply of burger king food (or at least $200 wortth for multiple inconveniences and rude unprofessionalbehavior by both a manager and team members) as well as official appologies from everyone involved and a commitment to change.

Burger King Pros: Usual good customer service, Usual friendliness of the team, Range of food, Usual speed of services.

Burger King Cons: Poor problem resolution, Poor cusotmer service, Acting like i am responsible, Poor attitudes.

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