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Burger King in Corpus Christi, Texas - Complaint

Its has hadband at least 3 times after 6 pm. I have a daughter that is in 11th grade special student, her brother took her and she had been wanted to do things on het own. The first time she ordered a kids meal, and her brother asked her whats wrong, so when they got back i askef her what happend she said a white guy came to the counter took her order then asked if she wanted to go out. I was floored. The next time I went in with her and the same guy helped she got nervous and turned and looked at me so I went behind her to get the name. His name is Shawyn. I didnt say a word to him. It was the new Buger King that just opened on Staples, across the street from King Hi Scool. I will no longer will taking her there any more. I plan on reporting this to the State board of children og special needs. I cant believe you all would hire a manager in the evening thats a ***. You can tell by looking at her that she is not normal. Im sure the state will go in the store to speak to him, the dont take things like this lightly. The things he said to here made my hairs stand up. My family is not to walk into a business to create conflect.
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Burger King Manager
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Poor customer service

The Most Suck *** Burger King Ever!!!

Me and My sister went to Burger King yesterday in Dallas on Peterson Lane and was treated very rudely. My sister ordered a bacon cheese burger which the bread was hard so she asked for fresh bread she gets her burger back with no bacon so she went inside and said I paid for bacon the shift manager told her no. Went back in the drive way where the manager told my sister to shut up and that she would not give the money back. Other employee told us to get our *** out *** you and other words which was all caught on camera...we called the police over this and they told us to call corporate which is no answer all over bacon are you for real!!!!!!!!
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Burger King Denton TX Loop 288

I went to the Burger King On Loop 288 in Denton TX. I order my 4 meals and a Large Water. On the screen it said the water cost was $0.00. Gave my money which was $11.00 & some change. But my recipet said $9.29!! She tried to say I had to pay for the water but the screen said it was free! She was very rude & she is a Manager! The customer service is horrible at this Burger King!! I refuse to go back!! So why is Burger King employee trying to pocket some of my money??
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becuse paying over a dollar for water is not a tad ridiculous?


HA! I love Tasha.


It is sad when a person cannot even afford to pay for water.

Rose R

I just want to say that I have reciepts to prove what Im saying! But I want to say that I did talk to someone other then that manager at Burger King and they made it right with me!!

I do understand when he told me that it must of been a miscommunication and explained their procedcure with me! I feel as if Burger King does value what their customers think and they will make it right! I feel so much better about what happened to me and No, she wasnt trying to pocket any of my money! Apparentely that is what they charger for water but they have to ring up a Large Coke.

If I would have known this before hand it wouldnt of made me so upset!

Looks like I will be going back to this Burger King! :)


How do I not have proof?? I have the reciept that says it was $9.29 and then when I said something about the difference, she punched in stuff into the computer and then wants to hand me another reciept but added a large coke on it, when I didnt order a large coke!

And there still was a water on my reciept that said it was free! I tried to contact them before I posted my complaint on here, but she is the manager and I couldnt get anywhere!


I really hope that manager reads this and sues you malice. you have slandered her with no proof what so ever.

Good thing you provided th address....Thanks for being very ***.

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I visited Burger King Baylor On July 15, 2010 & I became a Highly Pissed off customer. I went during lunch rush & noticed the lack of professionalism, respect, & positive response from drive through employees when ordering my food. I requested to speak to the manager...
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It's a Burger King at a university that doesn't require a GED for new hires - you aren't getting disrespectful high school kids either, you're getting adults with major life issues & children to feed working for $7.25.

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