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\"complaints\" from customers I meant to say

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I just called Burger King headquarters over the terrible service I received at their Springdale, Arkansas location yesterday and got the worst response. First it took me forever to get a hold of someone.

I didn't even call their customer service hotline, because I knew I would get the run around from them like I did when I did the same when I called the numbers from Wendy's, McDonalds and Hardee's. I called their corporate line that I found. I first got one of the secrataries and I asked for one of the head honchos. They told me that they don't take comaints from customers.

WHAT??? They customer is why they are in business in the first place!! I told the secretary that and she seemed unimpressed, never mind that without us customers she wouldn't even have her job to start with. I told her that and she hung on me.

I was so infuriated that I called her back and really let her have it. She took down my message and said she would give it to her boss. Her name is Jennifer and she is one of the secretaries at the Burger King corporate headquarters at 5505 Blue Lagoon Drive in Miami, Florida.

Apparently BK has a local office here in Springdale, Arkansas. I am going down to see if I can talk to someone there.

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This EVIL corporation doesn't care about its customers one bit, they only exist to rip us all off on low quality garbage that barely qualifies as "food"! They have forgotten just where all their money comes from and have deplorable customer service. I will never again patronize Burger King!

Garry B

Businesses stay in business because of their professional and top service for their customers. Well for the most part.

So sure, they wouldn't have business without customers. But I'm not so sure they would all mistreat you for no reason. It's not like Wendy's calls LA Fitness, during your cardrive there, just to make sure they treat ol' Mrs. Lea like utter cow ***.

No, you are the root of your problems.

Quite frankly, all of these businesses CAN afford to lose a poorly-mannered customer like you. Have a nice day.



Burger King Corporation as a whole is ridiculous. They don't care about the Franchisees at all.

At the end of the day all they want is their money. They have pilfered all the good out of the company. Sales at BK's nationwide are in the *** and they are forcing Franchisees into bankruptcy.

Corporate doesn't care about the customer or the operator. I know first hand because my best friend is a Franchisee and has been struggling for years due to low sales and BK Corp won't give them any relief.


I am sure that that post 99.999999999999 percent that post came from you and you changed your location.


I'm sure you don't steal MsLea. you just demand that Burger King let you get free food because you spend over $100 there every week.


Also I would never steal either.


Jedi, you know full well that you can't change the locations on here. Even if that post claimIng that I insisted on getting change minted in my birth year didn't come from you, it didn't come from me. I am 99 percent certain it did come from you though, just like all of the fake posts with my username coming out of Toronto, Canada.


Don't forget to read her two latest reviews Ihatestupidcustomers, in one she was shoplifting and demanded a refund for all the rest of the items she bought because they would not allow her to get away with because Bernie works at home office, and in another she demanded a cashier give her all her change which was minted in her birth year and when the cashier could not find a quarter minted in her birth year she threatened to have her run around the store looking for one or have her husband fire her. Of course as usual she blames me because she changed the location on this site again. Even if she did not make that review it is all circumstantial evidence.


well MsLea, you probably do pay for quite a few paychecks considering the fact that you eat fast food 3 times a day.


Most likely they treated you like *** because like everywhere else you go you yelled at them and physically and verbally abused them. So you had it coming to you. You don't pay their paycheck because frankly losing you as a customer won't hurt them.


Seriously is there anything you don't sound off about , if u rang up corporate headquarters they will have put you on a list titled "crackpots - do not reply"

If you have such a problem with :

Burger King


LA Fitness





Then seriously , why do you even bother going to these places ? Probably because you have nothing better to do


Well it just makes me furious!! I choose to pay their paychecks and they treat me like ***.


"I choose to pay their paychecks"....lemesee here....MAYBE if you chose NOT to pay their paychecks....they would sicken and die and blow away like so much dust and ashes in the wind as most fast food in this country deserves to..."McDonalds is our kind of place a hap hap happy place, all clean a snappy place"; Hold the pickle hold the lettuce special orders don't upset us all we ask is that you let us serve it your way" "Where's the beef" ? and the perennial favorite "2 all beef pattie special sauce lettuce cheese pickles onion on a sesame seed bun"....the axioms of days of yore when a pedophilic looking clown and demented dwarflike/orcs and/or trollish creature IE "Hamburglar" and assorted other refugees from previous generation nightmares were in the late 60s and eraly 70s used: little vignettes from these bad dreams and/or Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers wet dreams and these benchmark characters stalked the chromacolor screens and AM bubblegum stations of middle America IE "flyover country" and clearly seared with a hot branding iron, into the psyches and onto the brains of America's impressionable mid and late baby boomers ( add generation Xers) installing into their psyches the false efficacy of eating at these draconianally derived soup of chemicals and additives which resulted in "disco", the "presodency of Gerald Ford and subsequently Jimmuh Cawtuh as an unintented consquence of establishments of caloric and nurtrional virtue replete with their assorted piosnous ( YET FLAVORFUL AND INSANELY PROFITABLE!) adulterated substances however miniscule by volume and weaker in toxicity YET THE TREND A;BORNING TO GROW INTO THE MALADY OF NUTRITIVE CHERNOBLE/FUKISHIMA DAIICHI OF TODAY.

Th burgeoning e=recent realizations of that very old maxim fro even the likes f Plato, Aristotle of "let your food be your medicine" seem rather distant and archaic as EDHD, AHD, bipolarism and assorted other Big Pharma requiring affictions continue to manifest everyday creating an even greater need for an even more pronounced "outcome based" educational derived system-read that "retard propogation".

Interestingly enough is the phenomenon that certain persons perpetuate their own afflcitions by continuing to quaf deeply from that poisoned well and manifest those aberrantly applied set of new mental calculations and gymnastics into a very personal set of postruings and machinations which result in the self assignmeent of Watchdog of the Dullard Masses" to both covertly and proactively as well as with great singularity of urpose purport to police and regulate an industry in which new hires and prospects are required and necessitate cash registers featuring pictures of food items not unlike "Fisher Price" products or "Playskoll": accessories again necessitated by an industry seeking to hire the most uneducated and great unwashed of the proletariat masses.

In short why would one , almost obcessively frewuent a alleged "restaurant" staffed by persons of questionablr academic skills yet come to expect standards of service that woud be expected at certain landmark establishments such as Rosssalinis in Manhattan, Pierre's of Paris or the Yorkshire Inn of old York in England and then demonstrate a degree of thickness of skull to ensure that nobody would heed their complaints ( seeking meticulousness in a Bizarroworld industry) even if they included the addition of babies into the "meat" offered amisdst such fanfare and advertizing blitzes so in short who eating here with this unparalled level of un healthy consumption NON-FOOD SUBSTANCELIKE could realisticalyl expect tobe gven the credibility of even a marsupial engaged in a convesation or any other social intercourse of any significange? In shorter, don;t eat fod from the dregs, the analmost position of the food industry where fench fores must be sprayed with so toic a sun-bstance as to rneder them un approachable for weks to ensure that the long potatoes will make the most aractive fries yet will alost certainly turn you into a dolt and your child into a attention deficit attention plarity disablled deficited attention dirordered polarity disenfranchised and yourself into an anal retentive micromanager for the very substance(s) which ensire that your future family tree will mirror a rather dried out and sere pressure treated Arkansas Black Locust post. Word to the wise are usually sufficient yet no word are si=ufficient to the begraggled remnant of a population tainted and cerebraly intrasigent b unrestricted ingestion of chemical substances with insufficint data as to theor toxicity because the accidental spillage of $$$$ preoccupied those gatekeepers and watchmen on the wall so that what would have been a normal man or woman is now a professional fast food monitor for free and acting most compulsively and illogically because some combination of toins has cause a lame aspect of socialistic "it takes a village to eaise a 'child' mentality based self determination to "give back" to the "commurentry"...by spontaneous inspection of nonfod as if they were in fact foods...spurred on by chemically induced spontanaeity or purpose and toxicity beyond normal absorption rates of great swatches of caloric wastelands products. I heard about a "Krystchull" in Georgia who charges extra for crackers to put in the horsemeat chli...Some one should get right on that one immediately....nutrients are accidentally being placed in the food at a taco Bell in nashville and there is a Sonic near Tulsa which puts too little chocolate in the shakes....reports claim it to be real chocolate imparting an all-the-more-sense of urgency to this case in particular...Please hurry..my aunt almost rdered this accidentally real chocolate debacle.Finally....a Chili's in Dallas spelted Guacamole wrong leading to confusion as to what side order where actually afvailable to late night (mostly enebriates) customers and allowances for non-English speakers in that mispelling as well as the mispelling of Chioptle has caused concern with the ame ate night en-route-home-from-honky tonkin' custimers who were actually able to A, see B, focus their eyes and readC.

Stand unassisted in front of the sign and attempt to make even marginaly lucid choice with most , attired in Stetson and ( a....snigger... snork... chortle... guffaw!!

) a Bolo tie and a guitar shaped or an aluminm 18 k electroplated $ sign pin the size of a childs foot usually, however shouting "But I wanted a D**n Whopper Lady...I'm gonna call the national Hq ofr the Newnited states of Humerikuh ans complain of you don't make me a Whopper or at least a Quarter Punder of a Beef and Cheddar arht now!... whadya mean you don't have Whoppers, are you a bunch of Al Kaidas er Communistez"? Serve some "Murikun food da**it! Did you run put already this early in the morning?

dammit lady!.



Calling the executive office because of your messed up order is like calling the President of the United States to complain about a pothole on your street.

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