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I visited the burger king #12906 on 6/19/08. I entered the store where there was only two other customers besides myself at the counter.

I waited and waited for someone to ask me if they could take my order, but know one approached me. I finally asked if I could place a order from the young girl behide the counter and she replied if I wanted to order something. (why else would I be standing there). I finally had my order placed, waited on my food and sat down to a dirty table.

The sandwich tasted old and the fries were cold and soaked in grease. I asked the manager for freshier fries and a new sandwich and she just walked off and never came back to the counter. I'll never step back into that store again.

I think since the the new Wendy's opened up down the street, I'll take my business to them.

Review about: Burger King Burger.

Monetary Loss: $6.

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i ordered the new chicken arrived at drive thru without any tomato, lettuce, 1 pc cheese and 2 strips nacon. Went back inside and showed...they took it in came out with tomato, lettuce (rusty) and 2 pcs bacon. Being in a hurry, I left checking the other order for a dbl whopper, it had onions..none ordered.....and 1 patty....

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #18261

that is why the lady was hiding under the counter because she knew your food was bad, you should have told the manager she was hiding.

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