Franklin Park, Illinois
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Every single time I come to this place there is a new issue. If it's not waiting for your food for 20 minutes, or waiting in the drive thru for 20 minutes, or all the employees with horrible attitudes... The list can go on forever.

This morning I decided to attempt to get some food. Although my husband warned me. I pull up to the drive thru, wait about 3 minutes till someone actually asks me what I want. I tell them my order loudly and clearly (since I know how this place is) and nothing. No one says anything else.

I drive up to the window... I get from the lady, "why did you come up to the window?" Ummmm.... because I was waiting for you to respond and I got nothing. She was giving me all the reasons in the world why she didn't respond but it all had to do with me. Maybe I drove up to far, didn't speak up... whatever.

I ask for the manager and I explain to her that every single time I come here there is an issue. Her response was, "Well did you ever think that maybe its you?" EXCUSE ME!?! I asked for corporates number or for the store owners number and I got nothing again. I started to drive off and she started calling me all sorts of names and saying that she don't have to put up with this ***

I asked for her name and they closed the drive thru window on me. So I went inside and she told all the staff to ignore me. No one even responded to me asking what her name was. And apparently no one had name tags.

I will be going back today to find out her name and the name of the staff and I will be contacting corporate about how they need to start training people on customer service. The store manager was ten times worse then the staff.

I wil NEVER EVER EVER go there EVER again.... I hope the location gets shut down ASAP!

Product or Service Mentioned: Burger King Burger.

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