Birmingham, Alabama
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I was treated like ***, and im a combat vet. Went to the BK in Birmingham al, crestwood location, asked for a refund for my cold food, and the the manager started to pick a fight, telling me i'm the one who let it get cold, WTF?

This store hires people on flakka, the customer service is the worst in the world, ppl, are slow as ever, management needs alot more training. They just dont care how they treat you.


Fast food in general, just sucks, im eating at the house more often from now on. In general they blow big ones.

Product or Service Mentioned: Burger King Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $10.

Preferred solution: Talk to your management, and staff, and train them to treat customers, like we customers provide them a paycheck. Fill these ppl in on how to function in public format. Reprimand the manager for trying to start a fight, and poor professionalism. .

Burger King Pros: Air conditining.

Burger King Cons: Management, Staff, Atmosphere.

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I was at the burger king on high way 11 this morning and the service was horrible, I went in and had to stand in line for 6 min. when i ask for service Kevin stated that they were taking care of the drive through first and he was moving like a he had all day.

They should have him in the back it that type of attitude is bad business.


What does you being a vet have to do with anything?


Let me fill you in, after serving my country in the combat zone, i deserve the respect i earned, that's why its relevant. How old are you ?

Probably past your bedtime....., why would you ask a question like that?

You go around trolling peoples post? Get a life.


You r the worstperson I have seen yam u


First of all, Thank You For Your Service, and second of all, thank you for calling out that "Anonymous" person who trolls through all of these Pissed Off Consumer reviews sites and calls people all kind of offensive names. Don't feel bad, he or she, or it does that to everyone on here.


BK has the worst service of any fastfood chain.


Forgot to mention, tried calling these ppl, called 25 times, for 20 rings a piece, wont answer the phone, worthless. Comment, if youve had a problem here, or with any BK across the country.

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