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You have thieves working in your restaurant. I was short changed by a black lady. I bet she kept the change for herself or would have if I had not asked for my change back. She also had the nerve to lie to me and say it was a mistake. I bought something the total came to $6.35. I paid with a $7 bill. I should have gotton 65 cents back but only got an dime and two nickles. I asked for the rest of my change. Now let me tell you I am a registered nurse. I make 90k a year. However your employee had no right to steal from me. She apologized and gave me the five cents. I know five cents is not a lot. But for someone who makes minimum wage very penny counts. This woman also tricked my daughter. My daughter thought that she had made a mistake. I informed my daughter that blacks like to steal for a living and are to lazy to earn money on their own. My daughter kept arguing with me saying she has a job at Burger King. I invormed her that she was only hired because she is black and because Burger King does not want to look racist. I had to punish my daughter because of this *** artist because my daughter refuses to believe that blacks are thieves. Why just look at shows like cops and America's Most wanted. Most of the thieves, rapists and killers are black. I found out that my daughter is being brainwashed into thinking blacks are equal at school when studies have shown that their brains are smaller than ours. I guess I will be home schooling her next year to put some sense into her.

I feel that this scamming thieving employee should be fired. I admit that if she had been white I would have believe she made a mistake. I am not racist. Blacks just give a bad name to themselves with their high crime rate and cries for racism whenever things don't go their way.

I feel that my intelligence was insulted by this thief thinking she can scam me and should be given a gift card. My daugher should be given one as well because I grounded her and she is suffering by being in her room. (I would have to use her gift card since she is arguing with me) however for the inconvience that this punishement has caused her she should have some sort of compensation as she was tricked into believing this person's lies.

Product or Service Mentioned: Burger King Gift Card.

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Hey Tasha, why, you are a busy little girl. Just about every posting has a response from you.

The fact that you agree with the nurse just warms my heart, 'cause you don't usually agree with anyone. What's up?

You usually analyize the poster's age, but no where in this posting did you call her an immature ten year old. Come on - Tash - are you slipping?


I really hope you dont ever have to take my blood. :eek


You are an ***. It's a *** nickel.

The girl miscounted the change. *** happens. And what did your daughter do? So she's not crazy and racist like you, thank god.

I agree with some black guy's comment, you need to get hit by a firetruck. :)


Why is it 3 out of 4 stories on this website involve a "nurse" or somebody making "90k a year" and writing it in their stories?!?!?!? Is this coincidence....I think not!

These stories are bunk....don't fall for them and for gods sake don't add comments cause the stories aren't real. Either that or the only people that recieve *** service in the world are nurses or people making "90k a year"......give me a break!

Boycott this *** website!!!!!


llke some black guys comment.


What is a 7.00 bill? You are a nurse and think that there is a 7.00 bill-please don't work in a hospital in Ohio.


Yeah, well the all the whites molest people and then cut them up so guess we're even? :grin


this is clearly written by a child. 90k is not that much money.


This HAS to be a joke, right? Please tell me this is a joke, OMG!

Is it possible to have such a backward mentality these days???


Why on't you get a life? Your the one that sounds frustrated.


Now before any of you accuse me of racism. Stop.

I know that a lot of people who reply here are sexually frustrated teens and jealous of how much money I make. If you are one of them don't even bother replying.

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