Livermore, California

8 days ago, I bought a BBQ Western Bacon Whopper from Burger King in Livermore, CA (first street), right when they opened, ate it, and went home. I fell asleep shortly after that because of my schedule, it was one of the ONLY thing I ate that day besides some strawberries and blueberries earlier.

About 10-12 hours later after waking up, the diarrhea began, and 8 days later, I am STILL going to the bathroom about 30 times a day. I suppose it's better than 50-60 times a day (which is what it was for the last week or so). EVERYTHING runs right through me like my stomach is completely by-passing ANY digestion. I should have gone to the doctor, but I do not have the $$.

Thank God I am currently unemployed because I would not have been able to go to work. I have lost about 10 pounds as a result of that whopper. I have been in bed-ridden for almost the entire time. When I informed BK, they offered no real remedy except to say that they were sorry.

That was not enough, and I pressed further because of the seriousness of this offense. I do not want $$, I do not want gift cards, but I DO want that restaurant inspected for quality care. I am being told now from the district manager franchise (Scarbrough/Scarbrough) owner that they are filing a "crisis report," and I should be receiving a copy of it soon (according to them). DO NOT eat at the BK in Livermore because they are serving contaminated food.

I am 44 years old, and was able to hold out on going to the hospital as a result of this. The worst is over. I shutter to think what kind of shape I would be in right now if I was in my 60/70's, and this happened to me.

Having it "My Way" did not include 250+ trips to the toilet!!!! SHAME ON YOU BURGER KING!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Burger King Burger.

Monetary Loss: $5.

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Got sick today dec 31, 2014 from burger king in littleton co kipling and C470. I have been very sick with high fever puking dieareha all day about 2 hours after eating that junk!!!

Dirty place. Bad food.

They need to be sued.


Without going to the doctor you cannot say it was food poisoning or where you got it from if It was.

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