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Went in and they told me I wasn't allowed to have my service dog in the restaurant. When I informed them he was a service dog AND had his vest on to boot, they said "That's what they all say" really snotty and walked away.

Then after ordering, someone else came out and said I had to leave just as my order was ready. This store is at 1010 West Colfax in Denver Colorado.

According to the ADA, my dog is allowed ANYWHERE that the general public can go. I'm already in contact with a lawyer!

I have had this service dog for 6 years and have NEVER been so rudely treated in my life!To make things worse, NOTHING was done right!

Product or Service Mentioned: Burger King Burger.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: I want a public apology and monetary damages paid to me in the amount of 10 thousand dollars. I also demand that ALL employees of this facility be retrained in the proper ADA rules.

Burger King Cons: Service dog refusal of service, Poor cusotmer service, Poor attitudes, Managment.

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I have the Americans with disabilities Act on speed dial and a lot of they're service dog dep of justice cards too they help


A business has no right to refuse a service dog ,if they do they is a serious crime and can get a serious fine


I can understand wanting a public apology and the training but how on earth did they cause you $10,000 in damages. You unfortunately encountered some folks that need to learn the laws but to expect to have a cash windfall is just plain greedy.

People like you just add to the cost everyone pays for everything. Get rid of laws that allow greedy people and greedy lawyers to sue for any little thing and our cost of living would drop drastically.


Well if the entire fiasco hadn't sent me to the hospital with a severe panic attack, I'd tend to agree with you.

Think of it like this. 10K to them is a CEOs monthly bonus.

They won't miss the money.

They make BILLIONS in profit every year. A meager penalty like 10K would be a drop in the bucket compared to the fines the government would impose on them if they were to get an ADA lawsuit on them.


It is illegal to ask anyone to prove their dog is a service dog.You do have a case.Good Luck


Just because your dog had a vest on like service dogs wear, doesn't mean that is what he is. Anybody can go on line and buy those vests.

Exactly what is your disability that you need a service dog for? Companion dogs aren't actually considered service dogs.


The laws say you can't ask. Service dogs can provide any number of services that aren't always obvious. The workers at this store just need to be trained.


The animal is a registered diabetic and seizure alert dog. He also assists me with my PTSD panic attacks which this episode sent me to the hospital with.

He has been through two years of training and is necessary for daily life. Because of this animal, I have been able to go out and do things that you take for granted. Little things like going to the grocery store, to the doctors etc. Before I got him, I had been housebound for four years, only going outside to go to the doctors/hospital and only then on some heavy duty anxiety drugs.

I KNOW companion animals aren't service dogs. I own a company that helps people get animals trained to be Service Dogs. The companies that sell SD things to those who have no SDs are part of the problem as are the people who buy those items without the proper trained animals. It makes things like this happen.

The ADA was written so people, like me, wouldn't be harassed like this place did.

Bottom line, they broke the law.

When they finally contacted me, two weeks later, they offered me a free meal. THAT was their idea of a "resolution".

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