Woodbridge, Virginia
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Should be awarded "The Dirtiest Fast Food Restaurant on the East Coast."

Worst experience in a fast food restaurant ever! As a matter of fact it was so bad I will never step foot in a BK again. This place ruined it for me. Here is the order of mishaps. It's long.....

1- No AC on July 11th

2- One cashier/order person. (slow one, too)

3- Filthy conditions. Didn't even want to touch anything in bathroom. Restaurant was no better, trash scattered all over the floor, counters, tables, etc. EVERY table was dirty!! Ketchup splattered on the doors, trash cans and front counter. Just plain nasty. (should have left after seeing that)

4-Waited in line for 20 min. to place order.

5-Took another 10 to get food.

6-Was served a raw Whopper (Yup, totally raw on one side)

7- After trying to return was given $1.45 back instead of price paid. Had to argue to get total amount back. Had to involve cashier & 2 mngrs. to get it straight. Took 15 MINUTES to get this straight with lots of arguing and trying to give me back the wrong amount again.

8- NO apology from cashier or Asst. mngr. Finally got an apology from mngr. after he overheard me saying "not even so much as an apology." He said "You're right mam, I apologize, give the woman back all her money. We're in the business of helping customers, not arguing with them. I've been up here 4 times and I have other customers. etc. etc. Just give her the money and move on." (Why he didn't tell them that to begin with or the asst. mngr couldn't have done that is beyond me)

He then said keep the other food on us. I told him I wouldn't dare to eat it and would be stopping somewhere else for food.

9- While I was trying to return the food I told the asst. mngr. how filthy the rest. was, how horrible the service was and how hot it was in there. He ignored me, completely. Didn't even respond. It was as if I wasn't even talking.

They simply do not care. This rest. should be shut down. It's gross. I've never seen a fast food rest. this dirty. And I've lived & traveled all over.

So to recap.... I spent 45 min.(55 counting bathroom time) in this place and left after being argued with, ignored and treated like total dirt, only to have to find another place for food. (McDonalds-which took all which ended up being chips and sunflower seeds at a reststop since we were traveling and couldn't waste a bunch of more time)

Oh, yeah. I also ruined my shirt because I accidently leaned against the counter and noticed after we were down the road that the front of my shirt was covered with ketchup. Maybe the stains will come out, maybe not. But it is just ridiculous.

The WORST customer service experience I have ever had, by far. I'm tempted to make a web pg. dedicated totally to spreading the word. But who has the time? I just will give my business to other rest. who act like they give a ***.

No wonder why MCD's has taken over.

Customer service is important BK!!!

Have it your way???? NOT!!!!

My way is cooked thoroughly, and in less than 20 minutes. (more than reasonable for FAST FOOD)

This was like a watching a 3 Stooges episode. The blind leading the blind. They had no idea how to do a return and needed 3 heads to figure it out and still had to be shown on the receipt how much we paid and have it spelled out to them how much we should get back. Which is totally ridiculous anyway. They should have offered me double my money back instead of half. So they risked losing many customers (via bad reviews and word of mouth) in order to save a couple bucks. I am a very loyal consumer and will go back and will spread the word if I get great service. However, on the other hand when I am treated like this I make a point of telling anyone and everyone who will listen. I mean, who likes wasting their money or eating rotten uncooked food? There were people behind me waiting to return food as well. I live near DC and the fast food places where are very clean and I have never received service like this.

I have also worked as a mystery shopper for restaurants and apartments and written many reviews. Any manager of a rest. should be aware those people are out there.

Called the consumer number on website. Sat on hold for 10 min then got a recording saying leave a message & they'll call you back. I'd be shocked if I get a call back.

There's a reason why there's no email address on the website. I'm sure they wouldn't be able to keep up with the complaint letters.

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I'm a head cashier at a local Burger King, and I would not like all of your bad experiences to taint your perception of the whole company. There are many locations, like mine, which are some of the busiest and well-respected in our communities.

After reading all of your experiences, I agree that they are not acceptable by any standards whatsoever. I just want you and many others to know that there are some locations which are well-respected establishments.


mentally retarted people have the right to work to efin racist *******


If you cannot recognize what a Down Syndrome person looks like then who is the real retard here. Also perhaps you should know that restaurants and other businesses are required to hire a certain amount of minorities.....blacks, Asians, mentally challenged, handicapped...etc


I just found out that the cashier serving me had down syndrome and that is why she is slow. When I went to the manager he explained this.

Why do they hire these retards? She needs to be fired so someone normal can work. Lot's of people are looking for jobs and they hire retards. I bet the retard only knew someone and that is why she got hired, because personally I would not hire a retard.

They should all be sent to a group home and not allowed in public let alone allowed to hold a job.

Jim you ***, were you there.

No so stop saying that some of the letter was exgaratted. None of it was.

none o

This doesn't surprise me..most of the BK's are franchises so they don't follow corporate rules


Did you ever name the location of this BK so others could avoid it if it was so bad. I'm inclined to believe that some of what you write is exaggerated.


You should of thru the whooper at them and then walk out

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