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1st let me point out that Burger King suggests you contact them before posting your complaint here. I would love to. But there is no way to email them - you have to call during there business hours.

Yesterday was the 5th time in a row Burger King has screwed up, left something out of or just plain didn't have something I orderded.

I took my son out for lunch at the Burger King in Wilsonville OR. I ordered 4 double cheeseburgers PLAIN. We even talked about the difference between the buck double, and the double cheese burger - the difference being on the double cheese burger you get two slices of cheese.

So I place my order and can see them making my burgers - there clearly putting sauce on them. I tell them I wanted them plain and the Manager starts yelling the girl who took our order.

They started making our burgers again and I can see that there making them single cheese burgers. So I pointed this out to the manager, and she said thats what I paid for. I showed her my receipt and she sent them back again. We got our order and sat down to eat. Then realized we only got single cheese - not double like we paid for. At this point I was fed up and just finished my meal and left.

The last time we went to the Oregon city Burger king for Breakfast at about 9:30 on a Saturday Morning. We ordered cini mini's and told they were out of them. So we ordered out Bacon crosanwiches and after waiting a few minutes they came out and said they were out of eggs. Are you freaking kidding me. How can you run out of eggs in the middle of breakfast service?

I could go on and on but I won't - I am done forever with BURGER STINK.

I'll stick with Mcdonalds for Breakfast and Subway for lunch.


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I went to a Burger King in Kansas, ordered 2 Whopper Jrs. and fries. Got home and only had one Whopper Jr. in the bag along with the fries. Checked the receipt and I was charged for two. I went to their web site to complain. Current state of the art for restaurants, etc. is to allow customer feed back on a survey. No such luck on their web site.

Came to this web site to enter a complaint. Saw all the complaints, complaints about complaints, and general rudeness (reminded me of our congress - they do seem to represent their people) so I decided to call BK.

Called the BK consumer relations line on their web site, the same one they show on this site.

Happily, when I finally got a person, after over three-and-a-half minutes on hold, they took my complaint and sent me a coupon for a free burger. Total call took 6:42 minutes.

They must have a lot of complaints, judging by the long hold time, but when I finally got a person, she was very nice and well trained.

In this case, I found it more satisfying to spend a little time calling instead of griping into the ether.


If you've already have 4 orders in a row that were wrong, I would think you would check the next order to make sure it's right before you start eating.

*** - You absolutely can order a PLAIN cheesburger. You order it "without condiments".

Alot of the rest of this story seems to be made up.


You are lucky no one saw you mistreat your child. If I saw you left your child behind I would have called the police on you and by the time you got back from "scaring your child they would have arrested you. A while back I reported a mother who left her child in the car to CPS, (took the license plate and everything) they told me that if a child is abandoned I can contact 9-1-1. You are lucky no one harmed your child while you were throwig a temper tantrum.

If by any chance you are not the original poster and just trolling, get a life.

There are two sceneros about this. This mother is abusive and has no clue, or it is somoene using her name to troll. I hope it is the second scenero.


LazyCatProd You said "I went to Burger King again, ordered cheeseburgers plain, and they put cheese on my burgers"

You asked for a "PLAIN CHEESBURGER" and you found your burger with CHEESE... How much of a dumb *** *** are you?!

You must be a trailer trash redneck.

"So I fed up already smacked him and told him he had to walk home. My son being only eight years old." Yeah that’s really smart I hope that your kids get taken away for you . You low life FAT REDNECK!. Your pissed off at people that get paid less then $8 and hour.

What’s next did you want them to tape you *** your dad and your brother for free?! Redneck trash! Stop being lazy make some really food. Something that’s going to help you loss weight…Not gain.

Also “try” to get a life…But I don’t think that’s going to happen I feel so bad for your son. Maybe he might have a chance to grow up and not be like you.


Yep - your time at work is much to valuable to be calling with a legitimate complaint or using company time to surf sites like's easier to be a faceless complainer. :p


The problem seems to be that particular BK. A lot of fast food places in my town suck because the management is *** and the high school kids working there don't need the jobs so they don't care about do a good job. I'm sure it's not BK as a whole.


I went to Burger King again, ordered cheeseburgers plain, and they put cheese on my burgers. This time I told them to cancel my order, and they did.

I started calling the worker a *** *** ***. She was blacck and I admit this was a racial slur. I was angry at this time. My son started crying because he did not get his food.

So I fed up already smacked him and told him he had to walk home. My son being only eight years old. I turned the car and left without him to frighten him. Then a few minutes later I saw him crying in the parking lot after pulling back in the parking lot.

I told him to stop being a big baby and get in the *** car. *** Burger King


to Mulch

Who the *** are you *** hole?

you don't even know me.


To AL,

I don't know about you, but I work Monday - Fridays between the hour of 9-5.

And the last thing I want to do is sit on hold for 20 minutes to talk to some underpaid *** who wouldn't anything anyway.

In this day and age, people should be allowed to complain via E mail, on the company web site.


One would think that if you really had an issue with BK that you'd have the nuts to call and talk to someone instead of sending a chickenshxxt email. Anyone can send an email and say big bad things - it's a little different if you have to actually talk to someone.


Have you ever thought abotueating healthy? Have you ever wondered why you are overweight and people make fun of you?

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