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I'm waiting for my son to get test back from eating bk in Marion Arkansas with his dad... His brother just had a coke and didn't get sick but the three people who ate food are sick as dogs now for 5 days! I'm Pissed!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Burger King Burger.

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I work at the BK in Marion and can testify as to the unhealthy environment in the food prep area. Susan that commented below is actually the manager posting under a phony name.


That post was from 4 years ago dumbfucker!


i ate at the buffet at kfc in marion ark .i was one of the first pepole to eat there 5-8hrs later i was sick as a dog still sick through new years day.i got new chicken from kitchen it was bad.the hot food container that holds the chicken to be sold had not been cleaned from the day before i will never eat at that store ever again!!!!!!!!!!


the BK in Marion, Arkansas is by far the best BK around. I live in West Memphis and travel the extra miles to the one in Marion even though there are two to choose from in West Memphis.

The store is always clean, the staff are clean and friendly.

I have waited a little long a couple of times but only because they were cooking fresh food. I have talked to the manager there before and asked out of curiosity if they ever received any health department violations, he answered "no, not at all" So, to believe that you got food poisoning from this establishment is pretty hard and if its true I am very disappointed.


When i cook at home they all get sick and throw up and have waterly ***.


Then why don't you learn how to cook at home? If you are the mother you also need to be a provider.

Or are you just to freaking lazy?


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