Fairview Heights, Illinois

I visited the burger king at 401 Lincoln trail in Fairview heights ill i was in side waiting to order my food when i notice how rued the manager became, her name was Arlinda Burton. she was very snappy and she gave very horrible customer service, I really don't see how she ever became a manager.

i will not be visiting their again.

i would rather spend my money with a company who have pleasant employee including the manager they seem to be very geto and that is a place of business not a place where there is a lot of horse playing and not paying attention to the customers, the manager was just as rude and ridiculous,as her staff. the night that i visit it was a lot of unprofessional behavior going on this is why ill be tacking my money else where.

Product or Service Mentioned: Burger King Burger.

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OK!If she was not being rude to you.What exactly do you have to do with of that?What you precieve to be rude might not be considered rude to other's.I am pretty sure the place of business would not be operating today if the service is that bad.Your decision to not return their was right on the money.Now let's see how long they operate with you not going their.


I guess I've been lucky. I have rarely had problems with fastfood restaurants. But I've certainly heard horror stories.


Thats fast food for you. Nothing but teenagers, and teenage managers who just do a little to get a pay check.

Some are family owned and one of them are the manager. So they can do whatever they want.


they always have a lot of horse playing going on in that store and the manage is always rude to every body :?

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