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I went and bought a salad from Walmart. There was a Burger King nearby and I asked if they could spare me a bowl that they use for their salads.

They told me that they could not give me and my friends a bowl because we did not buy something. They make millions of dollars a day or something like that. The bowls must cost like 25 cents each, probably less if they buy in bulk. They still did not give a bowl because we did not pay for anything.

They did not give spoons either and we did not have enough money to buy bowls and spoons from Walmart.

They were being cheap and we did not want to eat at anyone's house. We think they are mistreating us because we are teenagers(14 and 15 years of age.) I know this because last time when I went with my parents and I dropped the spoon on the floor when we were eating salad they gave another one for free.

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First B

You should have shoplifted the bowl from Walmart, like your mother claimed you did in the other walmart troll review.

First B
@First B

I meant you should have stolen a bowl from Walmart. After all in another review your mother claimed you stole toys at another walmart and it was not your fault.


GROWUP! You are just limke the all the entitled young people these days, how can you expect them to give you something for free, they are a business, did you get upset that walmart did not give you a free bowl and spoons, when you purchased the salad there??? this is the problem with our youth these days.


It's likely a question of inventory control.

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