Alexandria, Louisiana

I ordered a kid's meal and asked for a large Dr. Pepper w/it; as I ALWAYS do.

The young man said over and over "no, I can't do that". Ok, I say then just give me an "extra" Dr. Pepper, please. He gives me the total, no thank you and drive around.

I decide to go inside to get my meal to avoid any more rudeness as my 9 year was with me. When we got inside a young woman in a management uniform had her back turned to me and was staring at a board. After putting my keys down on the counter 3 times, she turned around. What took place next was so ridiculous I cannot even believe.

She had the nerve to tell me I could not get a large drink for my son. Over and over, I tell her that I am not substituting or asking for "free" product. She states over and over "her" store and "her" policies are not to upgrade. What the ?

I was holding a hundred dollar bill and did not EVER ask for anything free. She rolls her eye and crosses her arms and tells me she will NOT be servicing me and that I could leave. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Next day the manager on duty blames some male manager who left and now returned that had "corrupted" the staff and who "refused" customers upgrades.

Once again, and for the "?" time, I explain that I get a large drink with a kid's meal at least 5 times a week. Though she agreed the staff member was wrong and that she had already "told" her supervisor about the exchange, no one has called me back. I asked that "Hanna" apologize to me directly.

UNBELIEVEABLE!! Like I told Hanna as I left the restaurant; She is the exact reason why the American people will not get behind the "fast food workers" request and DEMANDS for raises; there are far too many people in the field that should not EVER be on a face-to-face basis with the public.

Product or Service Mentioned: Burger King Burger.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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The employee at the drive up window, didn't do or say anything that the average person would consider rude, that a nine year old couldn't see or hear. Grow up!!!


Why order a kid's meal, just for the *** cheap toy. Order off the dollar menu and then order the drink, that would solve the problem.

But then on the other hand who would feed their kid *** fast food at least five times a week? Sounds fishy to me.

Grow up, you weren't treated so badly that you need an apology. You should apologize to your daughter for feeding her ***, so often.

John N

complain to corporate via their website, or call their number. find it on their site.

then, never go to a Burger King again, and tell all your friends. That's about all you can do. If they don't want to sell you what you want, then go elsewhere.

It is their business, not yours. If they don't want to make a sale, then it's their choice, as dumb as you might think it is.


I thought that at Burger King you could "have it your way" wth happened to that. Unbelievable she wouldn't do that for you I would be pissed too.


I have always figured that Burger King's "have it your way" meant that you could order that specific things be left or added to your sandwich---like if you didn't want any of the sauces on the sandwich, you could order just a plain burger with nothing on it. Why would anybody want to upgrade a drink with a kid's meal. To me it sounds like mommy wanted the drink.

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