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So let me get this straight. You fired an employee who on there off time went to one of your establishments and because the line was moving slow, they jumped behind the counter and not only proceeded to fix there own meal but making the other customers who were waiting (in a "fast food restaurant") a meal and your response is to fire them and the manager?

While, I absolutely agree with the termination of the manager, you as a company should have promoted that individual. They showed initiative and because this FORMER employee brought to light the dismal service that is the norm at a Burger fired her? FFS... This is why, despite having a better product, you can't even beat, McDonalds in the, United States (over seas you really can't compete).

Seriously....after hearing this, I wont ever go to a, Burger King again. You should be rewarding employees who show that they are motivated as opposed to the normal lobotomized crew that is normally employed.

What a terrible company and no wonder less and less people go there. You normally get the bottom of the barrel for a workforce and when you get a good employee, you fire them....You people are absolutely some of the biggest most moronic *** idiots in the corporate world.

Reason of review: news of terminated employee.

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Not on the clock, insurance risk if they get hurt. You should have been smart enough to figure that out


Eating the fast food junk that Burger King serves up is as unhealthy as gorging yourself on Twinkies and Ding *** everyday.

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