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Purchased a large amount of food from Burger King | 5109 Van Nuys Blvd. Sherman Oaks, CA on 13 January 2019 for my niece's birthday party.

Two adults, one teen + three children: - 4 Chicken Nugget orders (10 each) - Several Honey Mustard sauce sealed tubs - 2 Whopper Combos - 2 Hamburgers (Value Menu) - 2 Tacos The edges of the Whoppers were raw / uncooked (approximately 1 inch deep around most of the border(s) which two of us consumed (spit out the raw bit once we tasted it) but both experienced symptoms: Stomach felt overly full and distended with loose stools, followed by several bouts of diarrhea that lasted throughout the night and well into the following day along with abdominal cramping, dehydration and feeling very unwell. Reported to Burger King Contact Us: (866) 394-2493 on 15 January. Call center agent assured me that the case was categorised as "priority 1" and someone would get back to me shortly. No contact from Burger King.

Phoned again on 22 January, 28 January, 31 January, 1 February and 7 February; each agent reiterating that food poisoning is a priority and someone would contact me (no contact so far). Also phoned the local Burger King where manager, Maura Rendon argued about the uncooked Whopper edges (and subsequent food poisoning) - ridiculous. Reported food poisoning incident to LA County Dept. of Public Health Morbidity Unit.

Anyone who has experienced food poisoning knows it is a big deal.

Uncooked beef is unacceptable and I resent being given the runaround by Burger King HQ and the unsympathetic and dismissive attitude of the Burger King manager. ***

Product or Service Mentioned: Burger King Customer Care.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $29.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Burger King Cons: Burger king uncooked whopper, Poor customer care, No contact from burger king after food poisoning report, Uncooperative local burger king manager, Raw food made us sick.

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Your experience remind of the way my entire family got extremely sick eating the crap chicken from Poopeye's back in the early eighties. We should have been refunded all of the money that we paid, plus we should have been awarded thousands of dollars for paid and suffering.

Also, we should have had the health department investigate to find out why their chicken was making people so sick.

The same company that owns Booger King owns Poopeye's. That's about right.


lies to get free food


Well, at least you didn't get as sick as me and my family used to get from eating at Popeyes. I have never been that sick in my entire life. They owe me millions of dollars for my pain and suffering.

@As Disgusting As Booger Eating

We need a support group!

@May Ally

Wow! You should see upset all of the poopeye's employees got about me mentioning about my family getting sick on the popeye's complaint site.

At the very least, they owed my family a complete refund and an apology for making us all get sick off their nasty food. Must have been some kind of salmonella poisoning. Who knows? All I know is that when you get that sick and are throwing up and having diarrhea at the same time that you don't ever forget it.

My whole family should have gone to the emergency room and had the bill sent to Popeye's. And we should have called the Health Department to shut the "restaurant" down.

Hey, somebody could have died from that. If an elderly person or a very young child or someone with a compromised immune system had eaten their garbage chicken, they could very well have died from it.

@As Disgusting As Booger Eating

I still feel ill just remembering what we went through. The absolute worst fast food experiences of my entire life. Shame on you Popeye's!

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