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Today I ordered a BK Big fish without tarter sauce, add cheese and tomato's and a diet coke - total charge 6.12. When handed my sandwich I requested two sides of ranch dressing and was told it would be $1.20. I told the manager who was assisting me that I come at least every two months for this sandwich and have never been charged for the ranch dressing.

She replied "well, you were lucky but not today". I'll give you one but next time you come you'll have to pay for the extra one". Are you kidding me??? Did you charge me less when I asked for no tarter sauce? I paid the extra for the cheese and tomato's but come on...they are not charging for ketchup!!

I returned my order and said forget it. She kindly returned my $ without hesitation! Point proven - Burger King #11490 does not need my business!

Probably, did me a favor anyway, I went to Robecks and purchased a shake instead!

Product or Service Mentioned: Burger King Sandwich.

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He did pay for the extra stuff and they did not subtract for what he didn't want…I agree, BS


I (and many of my fellow foodservice employees across america) always secretly on the inside when someone orders fast food, especially FRIED food, and a DIET coke. The extra ranch just makes this classic.

It makes no sense to me. Also, in the past 15 years, i have worked in over 7 restaurants, from fast food all the way up to 5- exclusive clubs, and i have NEVER seen even ONE of them offer ranch for free unless the menu item description explicitly states that the item is served qith ranch. Even then, you get a certain amount and anything extra costs extra. Thats normal.

What rock have you all been living under?

You only get what ypu pay for. Lol


are u people insane.....they shouldnt charge for ranch...thats rediculous, i would have got my money back....and after getting my money back i would have went inside and ordered $50 dollars worth of food and after they made the *** id say forget it....haha :grin


If you cannot afford to pay for the ranch dressing than don't order extra. Stick with what they give you.

They are a business not a food kitchen.

If ypu want more (FREE STUFF) then be ready to pay more for all items on the menu. The (FREE STUFF) is not free it is figured into the price of all items you buy.


yeah, they "gave" me some ranch and told me they were SUPPOSED to charge me for it. Oh yeah, is that so?

up yours, greedy corporate *** I'm sitting in a BK right now on their computer typing this on 1 of the 4 computers they let customers use. My kids are watching the flat screen tv hanging on their wall.

Here's a concept - STOP SPENDING MONEY ON THIS BS AND GIVE RANCH AWAY FOR FREE!!!!!!! It's just good customer service.DUH!


i totally agree but on the other hand bk ranch is so delicious its worth $1.20


If you cannot afford to pay for the ranch dressing than don't order extra. Stick with what they give you.

They are a business not a food kitchen. Obviously "not JUST a consumer" is like eight years old.

Does not know that the company has to pay for these extras and only give a certain amount. SHe does not know the value of things.


@Here is how I see it

You're *** retarded... like, you you even understand how *** and tool-ish you just made yourself sound?

And when people start charging for napkins, plastic cutlery, and anything else they can think of to nickle-and-dime you, you'll just accept it and happily pay? Tolerating ridiculous charges for things that were free before is why things are so expensive! Supply and demand... if you put up with it and keep buying the product they have no reason to give you a fair price. You'll just buy it anyways. And hey if you'll put up with that, What else will you pay for? Companies just keep pushing the limit until everything around you is incredibly expensive.


They did that exact thing to me too. And refused to give me my TWO DOLLARS IN CHANGE back. Bull ***!


If you cannot afford to pay extra for ranch dressing don't order it.

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