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I go into a store, I expect, at the very least, to be treated like a person. I was RACIALLY discriminated against at the Burger King on Montopolis in Austin.

My food was spit in, an employee threw a cup at me, and the manager threatened to have me arrested.... because I am white. Excuse me? Since when does being white mean that I get less service than someone of ethnicity?

I explained to the manager, calmly, and was threatened. Excuse me?

Are you kidding me? I will NEVER go into a Burger King again as long as I live, especially if this is the way they treat a paying customer, regardless of race.

Product or Service Mentioned: Burger King Burger.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $10.

Preferred solution: Terminate the employees, and prepare for a law suit for a hate crime..

Burger King Cons: Being racially discriminated against, Having food spit in, Having a cup thrown at me.

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No here in Austin Kyle and buda TX they treat customers like crap and employees and management


I have experienced the same type of racist treatment as a white person in black dominated area burger kings.


I'm skeptical. Even if true, such behavior is rarely unprovoked, & self-entitled customers often are rude.

The review contains inaccurate information -- the "racism" described is hardly rampant (i.e. pervasive & ubiquitous). And why is the location considered so bad? Surely that's not due to racism.

The website is alo condemned, but it's doubtful the reviewer checked it. To my own European American eyes, this looks awkwardly similar to comments in recent years by too many EAs, claiming that Blacks are the major racists in America.

White racism is a far more serious problem. Let's put our own house in order first.


AND they charged my card 4 times. 40 bucks for being abused, and racially discriminated. Good job Burger King.

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