2624 Brodhead Rd, Aliquippa, PA 15001, USA
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I was a former employee of Tom's King as of today...the thought that racism existed in there would be starting but it truely does exist...the general manager Craige Burdine is a discusting raging racist he and his other manager Tammy wolf conspired to have me terminated because I called him out on a statement he stated all black people were *** and that was the reason the stores financial numbers were not matching the other stores owned by Tom's King then in another incident I mistakenly forgot to clock in on Martin Luther King day and the following day I asked another manager if my time could be added being as though I failed to clock in...And this guy says ....I thought you people loved to work on slave day....after hearing this I began to be disturbed and wanted to speak to someone Higher up in rank but was handed the wrong number to the Tom's King cooperation then only to find out he lied and said I threatened his 2nd in command Tammy Wolf...But another employee hearded Mr Burdine clearly state that All Blacks were *** and we're not fit to have a position in the higher up ranks...so who ever seeking employment in the Aliquippa BurgerKing needs to know you will be treated harshly by Mr Burdine and his lying counterpart Tammy Wolf...they are not interested in work performance they are only interested in skintone

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

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