Onalaska, Wisconsin

Here is a copy of a letter sent to the owner of the Burger Kings in the Illinois and Wisconsin regions Cave Enterprises.

Hello Adam,

A few weeks back I was informed that a DM (Shelby Brayton) from another district would be arriving to certify several of our district's managers to help us get caught up on our ServeSafe certificates. I was told by Dave Hoover it would only take 15 minutes per person. When I was certified it took all day so I asked "How is that possible?" Dave said Shelby goes around the region and helps the people with the answers taking the test instead of giving them a class. That day people from our entire district were given the answers to their ServeSafe tests without any knowledge or study of serving food to the public safely. Many were even frustrated by the fact that they were not even allow to ask questions about the test they were taking but were simply told to just put down the answers they were given in a hurry.

I told Dave Hoover that I was against this from the beginning. That it was not legal and demeans my own ServeSafe certification and is not safe for the public but was told to just have them watch the Guru videos. A couple of weeks later Ken Conway paid me a visit at 12918 when I informed him of my protest against this illegal activity and he said he would take care of it. Recently Dave Hoover was going to rehire one of these very people when I had to protest with my very job following protocol by sending emails up to Gary and even BK Corp for which I was terminated. Ken told my they would not illegally certify "going forward" but nothing was going to be done about the unknown number of people throughout the entire region.

I should have know something was not right about this company when I was told by Dave Hoover a couple of months ago to give the answers to my managers taking their "Foundations" tests. How can we serve safe food to the public or pass REV inspections with improperly trained managers?

I have also been protesting the rampant drug use throughout this district by not only crew members but managers and GMs.

Ken told me to get signed statements by the 3 different people willing to testify in a court of law about the current GM at 7016 which I was doing but was fired before completing. I am sure they would lose their jobs too.

I have tried to follow protocol to resolve these matters within this company to no avail. To terminate someone who is just trying to tell the truth is also illegal and will be justified in a court of law but the safety of the public comes first. I would like your assurance and proof that something will be done to get all of these people recertified immediately or I will continue to move up the line to bring this to the attention of everyone.

Product or Service Mentioned: Burger King Burger.

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