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Ordered a whopper meal, and found a piece of lettuce in the fries. Was disheartened.

New Burger King just opened up here in Lockport, IL, and was anticipating on ordering the whopper deals when they came up. Last time, there was a piece of lettuce in the fries though, so not going back.

I love Burger King, and always eat there, but when you have employees who don't know they have lettuce on their hands, that's when you know you should drive down the street to the next restaurant. Will be going to the Burger King elsewhere till they get new employees and management, and new owners.

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I've gone to Burger King many a time and had an Onion ring end up in my fries, or a few fries in my Onion rings. I used to love eating there years ago, but I guess that all of those memories are going to have to remain in the past as memories, because eating there is no longer an option for me because of the unacceptable disgusting food that they now serve.

I would only go back if they would offer me a free meal, and then I would still be very cautious before eating it. Just think how much money Burger king could be making if they hadn't lost so many customers who won't go back there anymore.

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