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I went today to the Burger King on Montfort Dr, Dallas, Tx, and ordered a Whopper and a cup of water without ice. I responded no to the many suggestions of the salesperson trying to sell me products I did not ask for, like french fries.

I was charged $2.99 for the Whopper and $.25 for the cup of water.

I called around the area and the Whopper is selling for $2.59 in other Burger King stores and there is no charge for a cup of water (I have never been charged for a cup of water in a fast food restaurant in Dallas before).

I understand that stores are privately owned and there may be some differences in prices, but charging for a cup is not acceptable. This particular store is a consumer ripoff .

Product or Service Mentioned: Burger King Burger.

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one quarter x number of visits that is a dollar in 4 visits i go more than 4 x a year so it does add up


In this day and age it is not surprising that companies charge for extras, however if you had your own cup and asked them to fill it up the would not charge you.



They have to pay for the cup you cheapo. Bring your own cup and you won't have this problem.


A local Checkers Burger place close to my job charges $0.10 for a "tap" water...so it depends on the franchisee.

I agree with Mary, for spite, I would've filled the water cup with Sprite!...what are they gonna do? Inspect it?


Consider how many people order a water then go over to the beverage bar and fill it with soda!


Same thing just happened to me at my local burger king, I told the manager that it was ridiculous.

It's not about the money, it's about these greedy franchise owners trying to suck extra money out of people for what has always been free. Fast food joints make a lot of money (when's the last time you saw a major one close down?), they don't need to gouge their customers. The cups cost a few cents maybe and the water is basically free.

Whatever - the "shrewd" franchise owner lost my business, and I frequent the location several times a week.








First of all... it was only a quarter.

I see those on the sidewalk all the time! And second... They were probably a franchise. Corporate stores and franchisees do things differently.

I work for a food company that was corporate and is now a franchise.

We follow the national average and every other month our specials are different. But seriously, if you are going to whine about a quarter maybe you need a therapist instead.


Your right, McDonalds charged me $.20 cents, you paid $.05 to much. Haha complain somewhere else, cheap ***


Heres a quarter, call someone who cares.


If you can't afford twenty five cents for water, than go thirsty. The same for Claudia.

The cup is not free you know. It is because of people like the OP that seems to be doing this often, hoping for as much free stuff as possible that they have to raise the prices.


Woahh, kristina. calm down.

i'd be pissed as *** too, if i was this guy. (or woman). it doesnt mean they're a 'cheap fruit'. and i wouldnt care if the business is having a tough time, so are all americans!

so its not fair for them to charge more.

exspecially since its the only one is dallas does this.

i recommened calling the number on the recipt and complaining.


Are you serious?! You are complaining about a cup of water for $.25??

The economy is tough right now, they probably can't afford to give away those cups that cost the company $.20 to purchase anymore! Bring your own water in next time you cheap fruit!

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