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I went today to the Burger King on Montfort Dr, Dallas, Tx, and ordered a Whopper and a cup of water without ice. I responded no to the many suggestions of the salesperson trying to sell me products I did not ask for, like french fries.

I was charged $2.99 for the Whopper and $.25 for the cup of water.

I called around the area and the Whopper is selling for $2.59 in other Burger King stores and there is no charge for a cup of water (I have never been charged for a cup of water in a fast food restaurant in Dallas before).

I understand that stores are privately owned and there may be some differences in prices, but charging for a cup is not acceptable. This particular store is a consumer ripoff .

Product or Service Mentioned: Burger King Burger.

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I just got charged $2.19 for a cup of water at store #17687


They tried to charge me $.27 to fill my water bottle, which I could have don’t for free in the bathroom.


The Burger King at 6th and Peoria in aurora Colorado charges a whole $1 for water and there's a sign stating so. Also, the lobby closes at 10 but at 8 they put tape across the hallway to the bathrooms And it says closed for maintenance. $1 for a water....


I can't believe how this business thinks that charging for water is making them money. Charging for water and losing customers that costs a lot more then 25c. The real loser here is the business, it costs a lot of money to replace good customers especially regulars.


the cups are not free for them, get a job so you can afford 25 cents for a cup of water. It's freaking 25 cents. It is acceptable for them to charge, what is not acceptable for you to expect freebies.


I had the same experience here in Oklahoma at a Burger King. The thing I found unacceptable was that the charge for tap water was not listed on the drink menu and price list.

Sneaking it in without disclosure is underhanded and shows that they knew customers would balk if they knew up front that there was a cost involved.

Their deception is despicable. I'll never frequent their establishment again.


I believe that it is ludicrous for Burger King to charge for a cup of water.

Many establishments will offer free coffee to visitors regardless of if the visitor makes a purchase; these locations generate far less overhead and if they are able to offer free coffee than it logically stands to reason that Burger King can as well. Furthermore, to my knowledge, the competition fast food chains do not charge for water.

Before I am accused of being jobless, poor or just generally cheap: I won't even eat at Burger King because of the cheap, low quality of the food. I nearly exclusively purchase brand names solely because they are indeed, brand names.

Even the laptop I'm using to type this message on is an Alienware x17, which is known for being overpriced due to the name. I've no issues at all spending money for pointless luxuries in life.

I do however, find it rather laughable that a fast food chain would charge for a cup of water, even if the price is hardly worth noting.


I find it hard to believe that people like you think they are entitled to things for free. The cups cost money for them.

First B

I think they are charging you because the cups cost money.


The Burger King next to Walmart in Bridgeport, West Virginia has started charging $0.25 for a cupful of water. We go there often. Well, it is time to find another place that wont try to pass on their "increased business overheads" to consumers like me.

@Cupful of water for quarter

You know what some of you need to go out there and get jobs so that you can afford the 25 cents for water, this is including the OP and all the other people that complain. Mcdonalds is not a soup kitchen.

The cups cost them money. The water cost them money, if you cannot afford to pay 25 cents for water do without.


Good for you for complaining far and wide. I, too, will not accept being charged for tap water when every restaurant in the city provides it without question.

Burger King joints show great differences from one to another, even more than the other fast food chains. Just avoid the worse ones and badmouth them to others whenever you can.


according to some of these posters, they think you can even go into a grocery store and get bottles of water for free.



You probably forgot to mention you were charged for water at the other restaurant. Can't afford 25 cents people don't need the water. Get your own water bottle instead of treating these places like they owe you something.


It is not fair for people like the OP and other people to take advantage of the freebies. Also to complain about this enough to take it to coorporate and be pissed about this shows that this guy or woman is a cheap fruit as well as you.


Charging for a cup of water is perfectly acceptable. What is not acceptable is you demanding it be free.

Newmy and OP it is because of people like you who take advantage of the free stuff that they have charge for it. Bet both of you take 50 packets of ketchup so you don't have to spend a dollar or two to buy your own bottle. Then you have the nerve to complain.

jorgito2001 does 2001, reflect your birth year. You know that is considered theft and not spite right?




It's costs money for restaurants to give you water - it's only fair that they charge you. Are you seriously complaining that it costs a quarter for a cup of water? "Here's a quarter...call someone (else) who cares."


Same thing happened to meet in a Burger King in Maryland. I got a chicken salad (normally priced 4.99 in my hometown but was over $7 at this one) and was refused to even pay the extra money for the water cup.

They said I could either buy a soda cup or bottled water ($2.29 for purified water bottle not even spring water).

They didn't even have a water feature on their soda machine. There was no way I was paying $10 for a fast food meal.

Ended up going to a Saladcreations in the same food court and got a huge wrap and water for $6.99


Do you pay a water bill every month? I do. Granted, it is not much, but lets see here:

Paying for the water

Paying to produce the ice

Paying for the electricity that is used for lights / music

Paying wages for the employee giving you the cup

Lets see, they are paying for the disposable cup, and I won't even mention if you get a lid or straw.

Remember, this is a BUSINESS. You want 'free' water? Find a fountain.

You're an ***hole

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