Staten Island, New York
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I went through the Burger King drive through in Elmira, NY. They had big advertisements up for their new specialy burger the "BK Chefs choice" it primises a certified ground chuck burger, an artisan bun, red onions, fresh cut romaine lettuce, thick cut bacon, thick cut cheese, and their original grill sauce.

I paid 6.99 for the meal, which is a step up from the regular whopper price. When I got home I opened up the wrapper and found a whopper with bacon. It was actually wrapped in a whopper wrapper with the bacon circled as if that was what I had ordered. I'm pretty pissed that they're trying to pass off the same *** that they serve on a daily basis as something special and charging extra for what amounts to two slices of bacon.

I'm even more pissed that instead of "grill sauce" I got mayo which I had to scrape off the bun. I 'love' paying extra for something that I hate.

Product or Service Mentioned: Burger King Burger.

Monetary Loss: $6.

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Like that pen you stole?

John N

You really need to get on with your life if all you have to do is complain about a fast food order gone awry. This happens.

Get over it and get a job, an education and perhaps a pet to console you. In any event, you are tying up valuable web space for your trivial "complaints."

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