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Burger King looses business for refusing to take phone orders

When we tried to call Burger King on Memphis Ave. in Cleveland, OH they refused to take our order by phone and told us they only take Internet orders through BK and since they assume everybody has a computer and it's not like that then they are going to lose a lot of business for refusing to take phone orders because imagine how many people cannot afford computers as far as us cause we end up going out instead of going to a library to put in a internet order for burger king we just went to Rally's instead because if we were going to a library just to use a computer to put an order in we figured we might as well just buy food while we're out forget about Burger King and end up getting Rally's instead so shame on Burger King but it's burger king lost and Rally's gain
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Loses. Loose means not TIGHT.

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Burger King Burger
Reason of review
Poor customer service

Burger King - Burger Review from Cleveland, Ohio

Burger King - Burger Review from Cleveland, Ohio
Me and my husband went to Burger King last night to water those no grilled hot dogs that came out this is how they gave me the order I felt like throwing up I love Burger King but if they don't fix this I don't think me and my husband will be able to go back
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Burger King Burger
Reason of review
Bad quality

Burger King in Cleveland, Ohio - Never gotten it rite yet

the burgerking in ROCKPORT has gone thru 3 mgrs and none of them have been capable of getting out orders. the cashier is always gone somewheres. the fry coom is always in back. the window cashier is always gone. the burgers pile up and they have to toss them cause it takes so long the drive thru customers leave and go to other place to eat. seems like the entire crew is under some spell.the entire crew is oblivious to the fact theyre working at a resturaunt at all. maybe these people working here should work for the GOVT? since they run the place into the ground.they even have the maintennce guy scrubbing toilets then jumping on the prep station making burgers. with poopy bacteria all over him. nastybut ive seen other places do the same
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Burger King Burger

Burger King, where you *can't* have it your way.

I went to Burger King today and ordered 3 things sandwiches without mayo. When I received my sandwiches and found mayo on all three, and upon politely asking them to fix my order ( I work in the food industry and I know how things can get mixed up at times), at which time I was given a bad attitude and a hard time by the cashier. All I wanted was to get my food the way I ordered it, but she seemed to think that this was a serious cut into her chitchat with her coworkers. I guess you can't exactly have it your way/
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You can get a "3 Things Sandwich" at Burger King now? No way.

That is awesome. I've been trying all the Burger King's within 100 miles of me and not a single one has a "3 Things Sandwich". I guess it's a regional thing. I guess I'll take some time out next weekend and make the seven hour drive to Cleveland, Ohio and order a few "3 Things Sandwiches without mayo" to be exact.

I've been wanting to try one of these so bad. Burger King doesn't acknowledge the "3 Things Sandwich" on their website, and corporate apparently "has never heard of such a sandwich", so I'm guessing your local Burger King is one of the test markets for this new sandwich. I better hurry though. I know the items on the menu for a test market restaurant don't usually last all that long.

I sure hope they have some left. I guess I could wait and see if it sells well enough in the test markets and wait it out until my local Burger King's start carrying the "3 Things Sandwich". It sounds so good. It's a shame Burger King keeps a such a close eye, going as far as making customers who purchase the sandwich sign an affidavit swearing they will not speak of the sandwich at all, good or bad.

I really want to know what it is. You should consider yourself lucky to have had the chance to try one.


:( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( BURGER KIND DONT GET WHAT YOU WANT



Burger King Complaint by me

Ok, I have a few complaints about this BK. It is brand new, just completely rebuilt. The first *** move they made was demolishing the A1 Steakhouse burger.

Second the are now eliminating the Breakfast Bowl. My two favorite things on the menu. So last week I ordered a cup of coffee, large i believe. Either way I got my food and Joe, went home just a mile up the road. As soon as I got home I opened my coffee to add some sugar and the stuff was cold. Literally ice cold. Not warm, not even cool. ICE FREAKIN COLD!

And just 4 days ago I stopped with my kids after picking them up from school. I ordered 3 medium fries and a large coke. The coke was diet. Not marked on the lid. It was hot out and I was dying of thirst. As driving down the road I drank a good bit of it before realizing it was diet. This is a huge huge problem for me. I am highly allergic to saccharin which is used in Diet Coke to extend shelf life. Almost immediately my body rejected it and I started to get light headed and shake.

I came within about 2 inches of colliding head on with on coming traffic. My disorientation and trembling body caused me to nearly lose control. I made it to a gas station where I bought a bottle of water and was ok after about 20 minutes. I was so pissed I wanted to go back over there but knowing my temper I resisted. My kids for horrified for me, as was I. Imagine the headlines... Man dies from BK screw up. Even though this Burger King is less than a mile from my house and I pass it several times a day. I now drive the 7 miles to McDonalds. BK can kiss my grits. 0

:( :( :( :p :? :? :? :roll :roll :roll :roll


their char broiled food makes me choke! Scrutinzed like a homeless person with no money!

I quit that business! :zzz

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Burger King Burger

Burger King

Excuse me Burger king sorry that we did not send our Hubbard FireFighters with Lunch money to go put out a explosive truck on fire out! they are grown man and they were not playing dress up standing in the cold rain... You shouldn't decline the men/woman that would might have to put your kitchen out when something goes wrong that you man need them. Goes to show that you have no respect for the people who make sure your town is safe and sure that the roads are blocked off and you get costumers sorry that they don't please you NEXT time BIll THEM if you really think THEY HOME TOWN fire department was trying to jip you .. but sure you can give the po pos free everything.. PISSED
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Next time you file a complaint, make sure its at least inteligable. I've read yours three times now and I'm still not entirely sure what the problem was.

A lot of posters think you beleive firemen are entitled to free food.

You sir, are horribly mistaken. Doctors, lawyers, police, fire-people, educators, they are all people too and entitled to nothing more than a ditch digger or auto mechanic.


So many public service people have such a sense of entitlement. Firefighters don't deserve free food any more than any other person with any job deserves free food.


So your complaint is that Burger King wouldn't give people entire meals for absolutely free?

Wow. Just...

wow. :x


You do realise that no-one is entitled to free things, regardless of how many lives they may save in their job and that when you want to buy something you need money, right?


Wow! Are you serious?

Do you expect free product or food where ever you go?

Can I get free food because I work in health care? I could easily save their lives just the same, does that mean they should bow down to me as well??


So you're an i*d*i*o*t and a mooch. Nice.


Doctors, Nurses, Teachers, Office Workers, etc and any other professional have to pay for their food, why should you be treated differently? Just because your job is dangerous doesn't entitle you to free food all the time.

An occasional "Thank You" free item should suffice.

Evidentially you are used to being given free items. What an attitude of entitlement.

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