Looking at Burger King's online nutritional data for their Whopper sandwhich, I notice they now list protein as being 22 grams. It used to be 29 grams. Maybe they are using a grade of beef with higher fat content? Unlikely, as the grams of fat are the same. So, if the Whopper has less protein, but still 1/4(before cooked weight), it is apparent that they have resorted to pumping their patties full of water. The 25% reduction of protein is pure profit while leading the consumer to believe they are still getting 1/4 of 100% ground beef.

I hope the media reads this and does a report on the facts. This is really some stunning fraud going on.

Also, the last time I was there I ordered a Rodeo Burger. It is smaller than what an old kids sized burger is. Burger King should show an actual picture of what you are about to buy. Total ripoff...

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