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I would rather eat bk before i would eat at micky d's . But what i have seen in buger king today makes me rethink that .

Ihave never seen a place so un- organized no product ready , Make you wait about fifteen minutes after the order is ready . And still mess it up now on top of that it is cold. I leave and have to come back because now they gave me someone else order .and now food really cold who is trainning the burger king employees .? and i spend forty-seven Dollars and ten cents.

a complete waste. who do i talk to about is james store# 03639

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No one taught the OP proper spelling and grammar.


Well what do you expect? %100 of Burger Kings employees are filthy nappy headed ghetto apes, and fat sheboons that have no respect.

A friend of mine was shouted at to leave when he asked for ketchup. The fat loud mouthed sheboon behind the cunter said, "I aint gittn u nuffin kraka! Why iz a blak wom'n gotz due errrrythin 4 yall whyte folk. Git owt ya ***, o fay lukkin kraka!" If you see monkeys and gorrillas chimpingout and throwing turds and smkoing crack and eating each other, go somewhere else.

Perhaps a nice white run establishment like chic-fil-a.

They are the only fast food place in the U.S. to get away with discrimination since the owner has ties to the government.


Sorry about the post - I was just mad that my mother walked in on me pleasuring myself.


no, more like fail at the original poster with how dumb they talk. I highly doubt you waited 15 minutes and you spent almost fifty dollars. because if you spent fifty dollars then that's a lot of food so of course you're gonna have to wait a while for your Burger King buffet.




You need training in standard written English.

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