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My boyfriend and I picked up some food for ourselves and for our friend before heading to our friends house. We ordered 3 double cheeseburgers, 2 Southern BBQ burgers (or whatever the Rodeo Burger is called now), and a large Dr.

Pepper. We were offered a free single stacker because we ordered the large drink. We accepted, and pulled around to pay. We paid with a debit card, and then left.

When we got to our friends house, we realized all 3 cheeseburgers were missing, even though they were on the receipt and my boyfriend paid for them. I called and called and called the number, but nobody answered the phone. By the time we figured it was easier to just get up and go back, they were closed! The next day, we came by and complained, and the employee refused to give us our food because it wasn't the same day.

We explained the story over and over but she claimed it was their "policy".

I will never go to that Burger King again. Also, the single stacker, SUCKED.

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319 Beacon St.Laurel,MS.Over 10 min.wait for order,which came out wrong and cold.Was given more cold food to replace the old cold food.

I will not be eating at that Burger King any longer.


Yes, I agree with the above posts. I work at Burger King myself. Usually if something is wrong with the food or if something was missing, we give it right to them- as long as they have the receipt!- and usually a free small fry with it.


I understand you being upset but definitely check the bag before you leave any fast food place. mainly because there's too many dishonest people out there that will say that they didn't get their food even though they probably already have it and/or they already ate the d*mn thing.

I'm not saying you did that, I'm just saying that's a big reason why a fast food won't give a refund or give you the right order if you aren't up front about it right away.

as far as the stackers go, they're pretty good. just make sure you get it without the sauce.

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You always have to look in the bag. before you leave you leave the place cause some time they will forget to put it in.

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