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Went to booger king to get lunch. They had a promotion 2 for 6.

I cant eat 2 whoppers , so i ordered 1, and a large coke.$5.79 for a single whopper without cheese. 2.79 for a large soda.{{Redacted}} booger king.

I will spread the word about your *** prices. Gee i wonder why you are failing.ill never buy booger king in my life suck.

Product or Service Mentioned: Burger King Whopper Sandwich.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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When are people going to stop patronizing this establishment? The quality of their food just keeps getting worse and worse.

I look for them to start closing stores all over america for lackluster sales.

And probably the health department will shut down quite a few of them too for having stuff like maggots in the buns. {{Redacted}}, Pretty Gross.


I've been down one time, I've been down two times, I've been down THREE TIMES! I'M NEVER GOING BACK AGAIN!

Will someone please revive the Burger Chef chain. I used to love going there as a child, and I would be very happy if someone would start the company back up again.

Maybe they can put it near where my local McDonalds and Booger King Restaurants now are. they would make alot of money taking both places business away.

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