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Burger King in Monticello,MN

We received coupons for Burger King it is a 70 mile round trip for my family to go there my grandaughter who is a disabled Marine wanted to go and use these coupons when we got there the Manager said her registers weren't set up to take the coupons come back tomorrow. When we explained this was not feasible (at $4 a gallon) she said to bad. My granddaughter went in to talk to her and again she said there is nothing she was going to do and it was just to bad. I came home and contacted customer relations for Burger King..Wow big surprise no answer from them at all. I am not really surprised if you cannot even train your personnel in customer relations you sure are going to bother trying to straighten anything out. Also Military means nothing to this business either. Maybe Burger King is in the wrong country!! THey are never going to get our business or my family's business
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The fact that your granddaughter was military shouldn't have anything to do with anything. She's not entitled to anything just because she served in the military.

That being said, if everything in your story is true, that burger king was completely in the wrong. The worker sounded very rude. And to Ronald Mcdonald - coupons are accepted at "participating locations." From the sounds of it, and the fact that they were saying the coupons would be accepted the next day, they are a participating location.

The fact that they wouldn't accept it one day but would the next is ridiculous and terrible business. It sounds to me like it was just one worker being extremely lazy and not wanting to deal with a coupon.

#341601 people act like youre entited or something. I mean god forbid that your coupon wasnt accepted at the location of YOUR CHOICE.

wich is to say not the one printed on said coupon.Eating at a resturaunt or recieving coupons and other such benefits is a privleage and not a god given right. time before you flip bout your coupon, think about the poor employees you harassed over it. theyre people to


You drove 70 miles just to get

a free hamburger you must be sick.


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