Springdale, Arkansas
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The Burger King at the Pilot Station here in Springdale, Arkansas is the WORST. Rude staff, slow, won't gets the order right.

Today I went and ordered a regular whopper burger. I only like mustard, lettuce and pickles on my burger. First they left off the pickles and added ketchup, then after going back to get it fixed they took 10 minutes to fix it and still added ketchup. When they finally got it right my food was already cold.

Manager refused me a refund.

I nearly called the police. I have their corporate number though and I will be calling.

Product or Service Mentioned: Burger King Burger.

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What's with the BK television? All BK ads!

And the Whopper Jr. rolls are no longer firm. McD's serves breakfast all day long.

Burger King Mgt. needs to visit McD's and see how to shape up!


My burger was poorly put together, very liquidity mustard and the burger was definitely not fresh! and I didn't want any mustard on it or jalapenos.

And it had both. Very disappointed.

Did they ever refund you? I'm planning to make a trip tomorrow!


Hello - Bernie aka MrLea here again. Let me explain what happened this time.

My wife Lea was finishing off a bottle of vodka when she started screaming that she wanted a whopper.

I wanted to avoid a scene like she did the last time we were at Wal-Mart so I tricked her into believing she was at Burger King even though she was slumped on the couch. When she "placed her order" with me, I cooked the burger in our kitchen.

That's what took so long. I couldn't understand what she was saying, so that's when she started flipping out on me because I put catsup on her burger (she was still thinking I was a Burger King employee).


What good is calling the police going to do.

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